OnePlus 7 Pro review: amazing screen, OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast! 2 days ago   09:22

The Verge
The OnePlus 7 Pro is a really large Android phone with one of the best displays. The selfie camera pops up from the top, the fingerprint sensor is way faster, and the camera is solid. Oxygen OS is really well thought out. Battery life and performance are all very impressive. That’s a lot of checked boxes, which means the OnePlus 7 Pro proves that great phones don’t need to cost a thousand dollars.

Correction: At 3:24, the graphic shows the incorrect PPI. This should say 516 PPI instead of 561.

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The Verge
Which is more important to you: the screen or the camera?
Jason George
Did you ever test how it does in water?
It's not cheap anymore...camara is not as great as other it's kinda justifying it's's not undercutting anything now....It's big and bulky and that's why I am not buying it...they shlould've done dot notch on this one or at-least on regular oneplus 7 and lower the price to a reasonable level.
Khandar William
No headphone jack = dealbreaker
This is one great phone. It's a premium phone that competes right up with the rest. Note 10 will probably be almost double the price. For what? Fast, smooth, great screen.
What watch is dieter using? Is it a smart watch of some kind?
James Peebles
It would be great if we could get 4K or 1440p videos, but otherwise great work Dieter :)
Vincent Rubino
The fingerprint sensor BETTER BE faster than the samsung s10+. Takes me several several tries to get it to scan my finger, mostly fails, and takes way too long. It's a horrendous experience
Vincent Rubino
beautiful phone. Love the camera and screen. BUT WHY DO COMPANIES KEEP USING CURVED SCREENS?! I hate the curves on my Samsung S10+
a) they distort the display and create a discoloration/blue tint
b) makes holding the phone without a case near impossible without a ton of accidental touches, WHY DON'T THEY HAVE accidental touch protection on the sides if they're going to make the side of a phone a screen
c) LITERALLY no advantage to just having no bezel, why add a curve?! just makes the phone harder to use and IMPOSSIBLE to type on
oneplus chooses tmobile as its carrier of choice. worst decision about this phone.
Aniket Bhanderi
Why even Vivo add in OnePlus 7 pro video ..
It is not even close 🤔😅
besan mhameed
S 10 plus is the besttttttt♥️♥️♥️♥️💯
Dary Satyanegara
The maxed out Oneplus 7 Pro has tge same price as the basic XR. Excellent.
Manohar Chauhan
Higher SAR Value Damage head 1+7Pro
1.187 (*#07#
Nicholas Jeffery
"spooked prairie dog". I'm gonna refer all OnePlus 7 Pro's like that now.
Joey W.
Is it just me or does this look like the kid from a Christmas story
Don Schroeder
Doesn't have wireless charging... Common one plus, what are you waiting for?
the only other thing in this video is as good as the phone is the painting on the back
Makeshift Gentleman
yes actually. I did think there would be a headphone jack. I was actually looking at the purchase page and exactly at 8:11 I closed the page.
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OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast! OnePlus 7 Pro review: amazing screen, 2 days ago   13:54

OnePlus 7 Pro is crazy fast in all the right ways. For $669. Nice.
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