2014 Tribeca Film Festival Stop At Nothing: The Lance Armstrong 3 months ago   04:45

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John dower is an amazing film maker
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Stop At Nothing: The Lance Armstrong 2014 Tribeca Film Festival 3 months ago   01:02

This is an intimate but explosive story about the man behind the greatest fraud in sporting history. Lance Armstrong enriched himself by cheating his fans, his sport and the truth. But the former friends whose lives he destroyed would prove to be his nemesis.
At the film's heart is a portrait of a man who will stop at nothing in pursuit of money, fame and success. It reveals how Armstrong duped the world with his story of a miraculous recovery from cancer to become a sporting icon and a beacon of hope for cancer sufferers; how Lance's cheating and bullying become more extreme; and how a few brave souls fought back, until eventually their voices were heard.

The film reveals how Armstrong's cheating was the centre of a grand conspiracy -- in which Lance and his backers sought to steal one of the greatest sporting events in history. It shows what happens when a close-knit group of friends shares a secret and how that secret corrodes their friendship, destroying marriages, careers and lives.

Premieres Wednesday, 2 June 2014 at 8.30pm | ABC1