17 AMAZING AND EASY SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS 10 Genius Ideas! 3 months ago   10:01

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Sit back and relax. Enjoy 10 minutes of oddly satisfying scientific curiosities featuring various experiments, chemical reactions, tricks, optical illusions you can do at home, and more mind-blowing stuff!

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00:00 Shredding a photo
01:03 Ambiguous cylinder illusion
01:34 Reverse illusion
01:59 Motion illusion
02:40 Anamorphic illusion
03:27 Magnetic matches
03:49 Freezing balloon
04:23 Magnetic top
04:47 Soap propelled boat
05:08 Hot ice
05:53 Blue crystal
06:25 Microscope projector
06:54 Sugar lava
07:31 Elephant toothpaste
07:47 Flying balloon
08:21 No-leak magic bag
08:41 Homemade hologram

Motion illusion Templates: https://goo.gl/fzwTKt
How to make Hot Ice: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/cmUvITrriMR
How to grow Blue Crystal: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/lRpVHkdEa5t
Sugar lava full video: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/kX4m_LugGOZ
Homemade Hologram Projector: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/FXVqL-pBNm0

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Daniel Nsikan Joshua
This is witchcraft
Lifly The Sergal
The Rubik's Cube one looks like some crappy Photoshop editing
Nav Kitty
I love seeing things like this, being a computer science major. This is a type of editing, but in really life, except on computers its on a much smaller scale with pixels
2:04 Old town road
Dev PD
Sorry but can you include the things you need in the experiments otherwise there’s no point
แรง จริง
Whats the song?
Alessandro Scarrone
I'm glad I always keep my liquid nitrogen next to the milk in the freezer and ready to use when needed
That a dog or a gremlin? Y does it multiply? 😂
Мне с дивана виднее! Воин
Ай шайтан
efrain garcia
Science rules... 🤓
Future Skywalker
So is this how the computer can copy paste ?
Spartancharlie 18
Lily Hill
All of these had me so shook my wig just flew across the room. Great video.
Khansa Arif Mahatma
Wait.... this whole videos are **ILLEGAL** ಠ_ಠ
Где блядь состав!? Вот хочу я сделать sugar lava, скажите как?
Mr. Cuber1197
what are you using for the hot ice
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10 Genius Ideas! 17 AMAZING AND EASY SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS 3 months ago   10:14

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