Interview Questions for a U.S. Study Visa credibility interview: student 2 months ago   06:41

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In this request video I give you example questions that they could ask you during your interview for a study visa in the U.S. along with some tips along the way. I also give you some example answers but feel free to change them according to your own specific situation.
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U.S. Study Visa Q&A
-Why do you want to go to the U.S.?
-I have already been accepted by a university there.
-Why did you choose the U.S. for your studies?
-Since I’m highly interested in studying American Literature, I believe that studying in the U.S. will give me a great opportunity to interact with Americans and their culture not only during the course but in real life situations as well. In addition, American education has a high reputation in college education.
-How long will you be staying?
-I intend to stay as long as my studies last and this is 4 years for my course of choice.
-Where will you be staying?
- I intend to stay at the accommodation provided by the university.
-Do you have any relatives in the U.S.?
-No, but I know lots of people from my hometown who had studied there and when they came back shared their experience with me.
-What do you intend to do after your studies?
-I intend to return to my hometown and help there by putting my knowledge into practice; In my country the educational system is not ideal especially for learning English, so my dream is to teach English to my people and help them in this way to acquire good knowledge of the language and fulfill their dreams.
-Do you have a family?
-Yes, I have a big family and they are very supportive. I will certainly miss them during my studies but I will make up for the lost time during the holiday break.
-What if you fall in love with an American? What are you going to do?
-During my stay I intend to focus only on my studies as this is very important to me, but in case that happens, I would love to introduce her/him to my country, my culture, and my family. I really hope that I will be able to convince him/her to stay with me and help me fulfill my dream which is to be a part and improve the educational system of my country.

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Chick Edwin
That was brilliant
Hussain Bux
My whatsapp numbar 00971508027325 plz In contact
Hussain Bux
Hi i m hussain from pakistan
And i m in dubai work
Famliy dirver i want job us
Afrasiyab Khan
Nice video.....can I ask u something dear?
Apna Punjab
Mam, how many salary students can get after master of arts degree from job per month
Rocky Tyagi
Do u know my interview in 15 jan.. I am so nervous.. But your video help to me pass it.. .tell more how much i do.. To get visa
Guangkai Ren
Going to take the interview in a week. Is anyone here to practise with me on skype?

Mianusman Ghani
Hi i am usman from pakistan
I learn about ielts and i want to prepare ielts
My whatsapp no is 03076860432
Plz tell me some tips about ielts
Désiré Nduwamungu
Are those Questions asked at the Ambassy?
Désiré Nduwamungu
I want that you coach me to get and study at an Amercan University, I began the process.
Iqbal Singh
Gurdev singh
can u tell me plz do we need ielts for USA study visa
Thugbolt Thugbolt
Pema Dhendup
i will be departing in august
but until today when i watched this video, i was really anxious. but now i am glad to say that anxiousness has been cleared. thank you so much for this video..
Ajay Ajay Rajvaday
Hello friends I am Ajay Rajvaday if anyone is interested talking in English so this is my what's app number 8586015389
Rock Sid Singh
Mam I wanna know about the expanse of an Indian student pursuing for USA for study and is it important to study in abroad a quality brain is required and economically rich
Ram Baran Raut
my interview is on24March
Ram Baran Raut
ram baran raut
Nazakat Hussain
Hello sir how are you i want visa for trucking training visa for Prime trucking school company how is process please reply
Amila Eran
Your IELTS tutorials helped me a lot previously. My Australian visa was refused, Can i apply student visa for USA... being a Asian it is hard to get a visa from European , Australia or USA.... Can you give me any advise for succeeding my study abroad dream...
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Visa credibility interview: student Interview Questions for a U.S. Study 2 months ago   05:45

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