How to Tint a Door Window 2 months ago   10:28

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Recommended Tint Tools
Heat Gun:
Tint Knife:
Tint Blades:
Tint Apron:
Plastic Cover:
Razor Blades:

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Just spray paint the windows black
Nicely done...........I'm actually having my 2018 Mazda3 5 Door GT tinted tomorrow so I looked at a few videos..
Michiel Coorman
don't you make scratches on the window when you do the edges with a razor blade? i got some foil and all, but I don't wanna get my window scratched
Mido Alaaeldin
I sprayed everything with windex and it looks like clouded
Kucingku Lucky
Look so smoothly easy for you but I think would be disaster if I'm doing it lol
Great Job 👍👍
Nick Pardayev
Nice 👍🏼 thanks for saving money 💵
Vesan turbo mersu
Ime pallia
Steve Steve
uriel gomez
What’s inside the spray bottle ? Just water or water and soap?
Slimtim Fantom
Great job ! I’ve done a few windows in my time, you make it look easy and didn’t even curse, looks good !
Sister Goldenhair
Dude your a window tint ninja.
str8 laced B
Do the electric windows still work after all that water?
Question: To all those who commented and said you F’d it up when you tried it yourself...

Did you have ALL the tools he used, including the heat gun?
Keyboard Warrior
Really good professional job, great video.
doo d
hey bro, how do i tint back truck windows with the small window? my trainer never taught me that when i paid him...and also can you make video to tint around window visors and hatch backs with window wiper?
He literally sprayed the fuck out of the interior.... I’d be pissed if that was my car and it was leather.
Sam Muelu
Do this.
Do that .
Do this .
Great work but im getting my lil brother to hold the garden hose on it while im at it.
April Lerma
Latino Patriot
Clean tint results require a combination of mild soap (baby shampoo) and a shower of distilled water. In order to prevent damage of switches, I recommend you protect the inside door panel with a cheap sheet of plastic (trash bag) and a strip of masking tape. Then you're free to go to town with the water.
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How to Tint a Door Window 2 months ago   06:16