How to Tint a Door Window Believe This Fishing? Unique 2 days ago   10:28

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Chris Sullivan
The tint is supposed to be tucked below the inner window seal right? I just did my front windows and they came out great until i went to roll the window down 3 days later and the tint peeled up. The problem is that the outer window seal (where I am cutting the tint) is much higher up than the inner seal. Any tips to get around this? I assume just shift the tint down more once the bottom edge is cut?
sladdy patty
I know you’re a pro and whatever, and I’m not trying to tell you how to do your job. But you put a fucking ocean of water down the inside door panel
Chase Warnick
3:46 can anyone explain why he smacks the tint and creates that finger? It’s the only thing in the video he doesn’t explain so I’ve got no idea if it’s important or not lol
Othniel Jones
Sham wowq
z moore
tint % vary by state
Jordan Hansen
Best tint to use in a decent budget please! I need to be able to apply it easy, I bought a crappy ebay brand and screwed it all up! I'm looking at lexen, Huper Optik, asw, llumar, Huper. Your thoughts!?
teimon jordan
wow that shirt it so 2011
Liam Malone
great stuff what a pro
Big Al
Yeah ima just go to d&l
Interesting approach, very effective. At first i assumed you were going to tint the outside of the windows. If you never tried this before, do realize you may well end up with one big mess. I know - I did. I really had to build up a lot of confidence in myself just to be able to tackle this job. I really hate to see this guy using soapy water when my instructions said to use water. Why didn`t my instructions say anything about using soapy water??? Anyway expect to mess up on your first go, simple as that. I made templates for the rear windows and cut finished pieces ready to use except for the sidewindows since these were pretty much square and without any convex to speak of. Understand this: If the tinted film comes in contact with the window and there is no water/soapy water in between the two, you can NOT readjust the film. If you try to lift it back up, the glue on the film WILL come off and make a mess for you so be very liberal with the atomizer! I suppose working with a good quality product makes your life easier but you really have to know what you`re doing here. Trial & Error is key folks. You live - You learn !
pacsoul Pavon
Okay ima just pay.
Who thought bout Chrisfix when he said soapy water ???
Anthony Nevarez
You most likely ruined all the electrical in that door you dump so much water into the interior seals had it drip into the speaker and the door handle which will collect moisture inside the door panel. Bad for electrical and bad for padding in door panel that would lead to mold.
I just want to buy online and hit cancel order after read all the top comments
Take a shot each time he sprays the window
loren gustavo escobar moscoso
Don't even try, this shit is really difficult, like hungry games 😓😓😓😓
Colm mc inerney
Its not easy will fuck it up Lol
Add 3 hours for every minute it takes him
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Believe This Fishing? Unique How to Tint a Door Window 2 days ago   08:22

Believe This Fishing? Unique Fish Trapping System Using Long Pipe & Big Plastic Bottle By Smart Boy
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