How to Tint a Door Window 5 months ago   10:28

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Crazy E
Idk man I feel pretty weird just having one door tinted on my car
nathan W
Yea fuck off I can already see myself trying this and then ripping it to pieces and possibly breaking something. And then taking it to a pro
Junito Punto Comm
4:18 Pick up the freaking phone...Your boss is calling you !! Lol
very nice job done
Donald Triscut
step one - put a razor blade in your mouth and start the video wrong and have to correct yourself within the first 10 seconds
He did a great job every 2.1k who disliked this video is simply a hater he made it look so easy after watching I jus know I can do mines myself....great job
Greg Barber
I got a old car and tinted the windows and the fuzzies or felt stuff is falling off and got all under the tint . I wiped it before but didn't help . Should I remove the windows and tint them out of the door fram ?
Great comments! Making me piss 😂😂
It cost 100 not a big deal. I had my car just like that and I got pulled over it has mto be at least 50%
D. A.
I've never seen a how to video get more than a few thousand views. This one has 5 million.
Matt Seals
You've got incredible thing right.
Does having raingaurds effect tinting windows?
Probably a super stupid question. But is the water not bad getting between the door jam?
Marcallen Fenelus
I’ll get someone else to do it instead
if its not good i can get my money back
markatr6 the camera backs away, we see he is standing ankle deep in soapy water...
pay attention kids - this is why you pay professionals to do things right
Warren Hill Vlogs
It's kinda like wraping your car
Steve B
Lloyd Morrison II
WOW! Outstanding.
Troy Pointer Photography
Good informative video thanks very much Troy
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How to Tint a Door Window 5 months ago   06:16