Living On $150K A Year In NYC – Millennial How to Properly Manage Your Money 2 days ago   05:12

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Dijana Ilieva lives alone in New York City on $150K a year. She runs her own brand consulting agency and plans to retire by 40.

Read more about Dijana's budget breakdown here:

Introducing Millennial Money, our new interview series profiling millennials in different cities and at different income levels on how they make, spend and save their money.

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Millennial Money: Living On $150K A Year In NYC | CNBC Make It.

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CNBC Make It.
What's your budget breakdown? Share your story with us at for a chance to be featured in a future episode.
Fortnite rankings
Retire by 40??
Yeah that’s nice and all, but is she truly happy?
She is more practical with her money compare to the other millennials living in nyc
Jewels Élan
I mean... $200 a month on food is possible if you actually COOK. Somehow I really doubt that's her lifestyle.
life begins at 40
she's debt free but doesn't own anything. I have a mortgage that I still owe on but I have tons of equity in my home. Can you really Say you are ever debt free if you have to pay for somewhere to live?
No kids, no partner ,
She is gonna die alone .
Very sad and lonely
Mohammad Nasrul hanif Mohd Noor
better off living in the office, just like bill gates and elon musk used to do. save money on rent $2200/month
rickie G
Please earn lot of money. You can afford couple of children...with that type of money..
Living in the uk and seeing she spends nearly 10% on healthcare 😂😂
Elizabeth M
She sounds awesome! I like her attitude and style
Rob L
My other comments don't matter. This is tite.
I am so sick of these videos. Y’all are praising people for living with way more than New York natives that are barely making minimum wage while juggling jobs and still making less than 30,000 a year. Like talk about the people who can barely make ends meet but still survive. Not someone making $150,000.
Anna M
I'm 21 and about to start my first job out of college. She's so inspirational... and the fact that she gives back to her community is so telling of what kind of person she is.
A u
CNBC Make It. She makes gross income of $150,000 now subtract expenses she is lucky to keep $40,000 of that without go out and spending money at restaurants, everyone brags saying oh my company makes six figures. STFU your gross margin is so small and you make $2k a month if lucky. Cost of living is 300% larger so she has to make 3$ to earn $1. That sucks!
She should still be putting away 15% for retirement not 5%
She really looks smart! I want to be like her! Her family must be so proud of her!
those sandwiches look good tho
Minna L.
There's such a lack of transparency in this video. Did she go to college? Did her parents help her pay for it? How did her parents earn their fortune? How much did u get in severance pay? How much do you really have in crypto?????
hannah maria
I’ve noticed that a lot of these people in this series don’t really use their college degree.
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How to Properly Manage Your Money Living On $150K A Year In NYC – Millennial 2 days ago   18:53

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