Living On $150K A Year In NYC – Millennial How to Properly Manage Your Money 4 months ago   05:12

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Dijana Ilieva lives alone in New York City on $150K a year. She runs her own brand consulting agency and plans to retire by 40.

Read more about Dijana's budget breakdown here:

Introducing Millennial Money, our new interview series profiling millennials in different cities and at different income levels on how they make, spend and save their money.

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Millennial Money: Living On $150K A Year In NYC | CNBC Make It.

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CNBC Make It.
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Humbled Servant
Interesting that she's financially stable, appears to be level headed, and attractive yet she's single. I'm well aware that it's tough when you're living the lifestyle she's living but I for sure would not want to be single at 34. It would make sense if she's had a bad experience relationship wise, potentially a divorce, but still.
Eduardo Miranda
Ya ven pinches mugrosas qprendan eso es hacerla no mamar vergas por 10 dolares pinches jodidas
Trendee Prod
only 2400$ for rent for a two bedroom in NY ?? Noooo way !!!
Wayne Ip
How do you spend 150 to 200 on phone?
Complex Objects
Everything laid out on the table, BUT declines to say how much crypto she hodls. I see you
For every dollar I spend, I have make make 3. If I buy a 200 purse, I have to make 500". Wait a minute.... #math
pankaj chandwani
I wanna bang
That Graham Stephan guy can learn from this girl. She actually gives back while all he talked about was holding on every penny.
0:57 DONATIONS 🤔 🤦🏾‍♂️
Cultured Girl76
Binge watching these videos! Love this! Showing me how to budget and save! ☺️👍👏💃🏿💵💰💳🌈
Beryl Walubengo
Not a millennial
Jack Garcia
God bless her!!
You make $150k a year and you have no savings? But yeah, your dog's CBD oil is more important I guess. Im trying to understand the point of this series. Rich people making bad financial decisions?
bet she's been since this video
No surprise she looks like "stacey" lol...
kuty patooty
Hey can i please borrow a couple bucks
Ivan Haidarli
She is fantastic! From immigrant family, helping other people, doing her own business. Inspiring story. I’m wishing you just best!
richard kuda
Very nice.
Mark Williams
Call me!
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How to Properly Manage Your Money Living On $150K A Year In NYC – Millennial 4 months ago   18:53

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