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Alfa Romeo 159 - James May Tries | - At Up-Tube.com

Alfa Romeo 159 - James May tries 4 months ago   09:13

Top Gear
Two years late (because they weren't paying attention) James takes the Alfa Romeo 159 out for a spin. But to really test out the car, James will be racing against a man in a wetsuit to see who can cross the Humber River first, because that's how they do things on Top Gear.

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Comments 2375 Comments

Joe Sistrunk
Who’s here a decade later?
Roberto Pinci
Let me understand what kind of car you make🤔
Leonard Goduni
Do you mind if I don't- James may 😜
Alessio S
It looks better and better in front of the newest Skaudi volkscabins clones and sheats or the more and more brittle bmw
Just about to go view this car. Is the speaker system any good?
The great thing is that with the money that James put in the box during the road test, you could probably pick up a used 159 given how much they depreciate.
armen melikian
i didnt really care for the audio. my ears are already ringing enough. its not the posters fault. he's just a parrot. playing back what top gear gives us.
Cameron Fatemi
Looks like a VW Eos buggered an Edsel. Don't see the appeal. I'm driving a 22yo E36 Cabrio. And guess what? The electrics still work. Sensors still work. And yes even the elderly E36 has A TON of sensors. Top still goes up-and-down. Everytime I take the 15% grade hill near me, and she starts to lag a bit, I switch into manual, drop her into 2nd, give her a touch of petrol, and up she shoots... 90-95-100-105 ... makes the telephone poles look like a picket fence. Never fails to put a smile upon my face. A rebadged Fiat doth not impress. What did the Yank say to the Italian? "Fix it again, Tony!"
Gabriel Vieira
2019? 2020? 2021? 2022?
Luca R
when you listen James in the original language... he seems not so dumb 😂 but in the Italian version his voice makes him really funny
C'est encore une belle voiture
Has Wienk
So...what's the car like..?
Today May 2019 I still think this car is no where near as outdated as the date of this video. You know when owning one of these. You can always look back walking away knowing you own one hell of a good looking motor. Once again Alfa wins!
Luka Dominic Obendorfer
I am so buying this car.
MotorBloxx Cars
2019: YouTube recommends this...
andrew gate 7
Verti is Greek... 😐😶
91st Recon Corps
What an ugly car
91st Recon Corps
4:05 or is James May really short?
bihari babu
Mad mad respect for that guy crossing that patch, it's pity that he was refused even a handshake. I would have hugged him and it's only mud for all you cry babies not nuclear waste.
Outside _85
The J. May swearbox on Top Gear is for every time he has to shout at Jeremy.
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Alfa Romeo 159 - James May tries 4 months ago   02:56

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