Alfa Romeo 159 - James May tries 7 months ago   09:13

Top Gear
Two years late (because they weren't paying attention) James takes the Alfa Romeo 159 out for a spin. But to really test out the car, James will be racing against a man in a wetsuit to see who can cross the Humber River first, because that's how they do things on Top Gear.

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3:35 This river looks like a thicc road
Max 44
Never loved the rear BUT THAT FRONT
It's 2019 and that looks so stylish and mean yet the lack of facke shit vents keep the designe honest and in touch with reality

Damn I need an Alfa
I'm the only one thinking that Graham can be a great dubber? Such a voice!
Robert Barry
This is a prime example of how idiotic this programme was and how it lasted so long with these 3 muppets with the biggest egos on the planet is beyond me. It was always about them, not the cars
Kim Lcd
Alfa Romeo de l art et puis il y a les autres
Peter Melegh
Give me a Guilia drivetrain in a 159 body.
I own the 159 sedan in black with the 2,4JTDm, its pretty damn fast in my opinion and she eats most of the average german cars, no hate on BMW or anything tho. Too, the front seems to make people uncomfy since when i get behind somebody they mostly seem to drive faster for some reason :D. The car is amazing, i owned a e46 before, and for me the 159 is a big improvement:)
Graham looks so friendly :)
a.e. Hyde
sorry the rear looks like a crap chevy cavalier. and it will break ….. often
Francesco Lolli
Producted in my country (Italy) was a good car. Safe with good sospensions and brakes. But too heavy...Quick like a real Alfa just in the versions with big engines (2.4 turbodiesel for example).
Italian Police had a lot of 159 at that time.
Alex Richards
The car he was driving is still going today with 75k on the clock. Impressive.
Dysfunctional person
My favourite car
The polish police drive them I believe
Jonathan Tyson
It looks like a confused seat toledo
Rami Bos
2.4 JTDM engine with a chip makes 250hp and 500nm while consuming 7.5l/100km

That's some fun torque I tell you
Imagine if, as they were reaching the end of the race, the guy passed out right before reaching the flag, and at the same time the alfa broke down right in front of it too
Farina Marcini
Congratulation 5 million views.
That car still looks fantastic after all these years
Gorazd Petrushevski
the name of the song, at the end
G. Confa
I love the passion and cuore they put in happy rev engines to achive the allegro vivace driving experience. Ups...
Robert Voelker
I guess I’m the only one who thinks these cars don’t look good.
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Alfa Romeo 159 - James May tries 7 months ago   02:56