LIVE! Champions League Quarter Which English team is best 6 months ago   57:26

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Live coverage of the Champions League quarter final draw with Ajax, Barcelona, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United , Porto and Tottenham Hotspur in the pot, as well as the draws for the semi finals and final!

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Ollie grigg
Liverpool vs city final has too happen, by far the best two teams in europe
Liss Eva Nygård Langvann Storholm
( 。• 👅 •。`)
Liss Eva Nygård Langvann Storholm
I love me
jasmin chaudhari
These english bums can’t see anything past PL.
Ian J
As long as the SCUM don't win. I'm ok Though my i will go for Liverpool. They deserve it after last years travesty by sergio "the butcher" ramos on Mo Salah.
md: Rakib hasan
Semi Final ?
Juventus vs Liverpool """""""""
Man city vs Barcelona ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
md: Rakib hasan
Ronaldo fans comments"""""
Neymar fans like ,,,,,,,,,,,,?
Amelie Carter
Roses are red
Violets are blue
The actual draw is at 42:42
Thank me later
De Gea will be the difference vs FCB. He’ll take their confidence away. Juventus are the most dangerous bc they were so close to going out, and they have the best player in the world. Barca are not as good as ppl think. Porto will catch LFC sleeping. Tottenham are hungry. Hat tricks for Kane and Cristiano.
Cant wait to humiliate the ultimate bottlers in the semi-final. This is Uniteds year
Colin Kehoe
Jaysus, I hardly recognised David Moyes, he looks 20 years younger. Just shows the stress managers are under.
Tony Kelly
Be sweet if I can see Suarez & Coutinho tear United another arsehole😂😂😂
Jonathan E J Moss
Milking this for every last drop talking about nothing but cliches and the obvious. I think it's important that each team scores more than the other team if they want to win.
Ollie grigg
Imagine Liverpool vs Man Utd in the semi, the two biggest English teams against each other
Imagine Liverpool v Manchester City in the Final
Shibbir Choudhury
Tottenham have a great chance because no one expects us to do well.. coys
Michael Harrington
I wonder what will happen to city when they run out of oil
Ben Ten
The draw starts at 42:48
I’m sick of seeing polls and all this nonsense about Man City being a favorite or even top 2. They got extremely lucky last year and the same is happening this year with the draws from the group and knockout stages. Too bad they got destroyed last time by Liverpool (which is probably the best team they get to play in their normal competitions), and the same will eventually happen this year. They’re good, but not good enough. Not even close.
how the hell does city manage to get the easiest draws in knockout comps? fa, carabao and ucl ffs lol
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Which English team is best LIVE! Champions League Quarter 6 months ago   19:30

Tim Sherwood and Phil Babb discuss Liverpool's win over Bayern Munich as they became the fourth Premier League side to progress into the quarter-finals of the Champions League.
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