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A Brief Chronology Of Lineal Heavyweight | 10 Reasons Andy Ruiz Jr Beat - At Up-Tube.com

A brief chronology of lineal heavyweight 10 Reasons ANDY RUIZ JR Beat 2 days ago   20:01

Rummy's Corner
A brief chronology of lineal heavyweight boxing champions

Heavyweight Lineal Champions - from John L Sullivan to Tyson Fury!



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JayMetal 1
Rocky Marciano, the one true GOAT. The one man who took the guess work out of referencing his fights. With Rock theres only one thing to remember about any of his fights,...he won them all.
Boxers from the 1800s and early 1900s fought so awkwardly
Jesse Kauffman
Awesome video
Gracie face
The best is Rocky Marciano
Neville Walker
21st round win jeez
Elliott Blair
Lol amazing seeing how the sport evolved from two white guys fighting like bums to world class athletes.
There's only one tyson FURY 🇬🇧
Jack Wolstenholme
How many round??😕
Duane Mcnally
Whats the difference between fury and all the other lineal champions, furys was made up
Anthony Joshua defeated by andreas Andy Ruiz the destroyer
Hanzy Krupps
Andy RUIZ!!
Thank you for this
wyatt smith
Tyson knocked Douglas out in the 8th, you hate to see a legend get cheated.
This was a fantastic video and one that I will rewatched to make sure I didn't miss anything! I've been watching lots of vintage boxing videos to understand the lineage and this video filled lots of the gaps! Thank you!
Wasnt vitali better and even longer active than wladi?
Videos from 1880? No way
Renette Jones
Ali was so damn fine lol😍😍
Steve Fowler
Excellent video...Tyson fury would be great if he could actually box and had any power....he has excellent movement and pretty good instinctive defense but he can't box and has not much power...just shows how weak the division is that he is the lineal champ.
Charlie Ricker
It's crazy how many of these names I know even though I have never followed boxing and certainly never went back and watched old ass fights from the 1930s. Just goes to show champions live on in legend for a long time.
1:53 can anyone explain why he sometimes speaks like this to me it sounds so weird
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10 Reasons ANDY RUIZ JR Beat A brief chronology of lineal heavyweight 2 days ago   02:44

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Andy Ruiz Jr pulled off the unthinkable last weekend against all odds, beating Anthony Joshua, to cause one of boxings biggest upsets ever. Here, we break down all the warning signs leading up to the bout and consider 10 reasons why we should never have underestimated the first Mexican heavyweight champion of all time.

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