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Derek Van Schaik
Does body language prove Chris Watts murdered his two young daughters? See the stunning evidence for yourself.

Chris Watts is the Frederick, Colorado man accused of murdering his pregnant wife (Shanann Watts and Niko Watts) and two young daughters (Bella Watts and Celeste Watts) on August 13th, 2018.

The first Chris Watts body language video I analyzed was a Denver ABC 7 (Denver7) interview; however, this local Denver NBC 9 (9NEWS) interview reveals even more.

When this 9NEWS interview was recorded, Chris claimed his family was just missing and at this time it was merely a missing persons case. The next day, Chris admitted to murdering his pregnant wife because he claims it was in an attempt to save his two young daughters from his wife. His pregnant wife's body was found in an eastern Colorado oil field where Chris worked and his two daughters were found dumped in an oil tank. I live in South Denver, so this body language of a liar analysis literally hits close to home.

From his own admission, we know he's guilty of murdering his pregnant wife (Shanann Watts and Niko Watts), but who murdered his two young daughters (Bella Watts and Celeste Watts)? We’re going to analyze his body language during this local NBC interview to find out what he’s subconsciously telling us.

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Terri MacKay
In his first confession he said that his wife killed the girls, and in a rage he killed her. If that story was true, he had just seen his wife murder his beloved children a day ago. He may have been angry with his wife at this point, but how would he be able to control his emotions knowing that the daughters he adored were dead?
That is what makes me believe he killed them all, the fact that he shows the same total lack of emotion when talking about all 3 of them.
Divorce is a viable option if you want to be with someone else. Did that pregnant woman and those 2 little girls die just so that this man didn't have to give up anything in a divorce? Or was his girlfriend not the interested in children or being a stepmother, so they had to go as well as their mother? Sadly, I think his motives were probably that petty. 😥
Linda Coffey
Not even a tear
Maree Ciavola
Is that Dutch ?
I grew up around the Dutch, and hold a presupposition on them.
Big, over bearing, hard working, big eaters, arrogant, loud and gregarious, and bloody bossy boots.
I am at the park and my toddler hides behind a tree, I can't see him,, I freak out, my heart races, I already think he's abducted, milion thoughts race through my head. This only lasts a few seconds. And this ass hole is calm and content while his babies are missing. I hate his guts! He's a monster!!!!!!!I feel so sorry for Shannan's parents and friends.
Princess Vielle
If that happened here in my country.He would be dead right after the cops knew he murdered his family.. The cops will just tell everyone that he fought back with the police and grabbed one of their guns.
marisha hes
Don't forget to look at his mistress and the fact he said he saw her choking them and she wasn't supposed to be there
Jack Epapara
Bastard ☹️👎
Kohar Khachigian
Hey people be careful with yoga too heard it can have evil effect on people's behavior
Kohar Khachigian
The thing is as soon as Shannan felt something weird with him she shouldn't come home or leave the kids with him I wish she stayed at her Mom, here hes acting like a robot wired by N K
Elena Pedralba
Monster, killer, jail for ever.
Julia Moraal
I feel so bad for this family ... i am completely heartbroken for them
Julia Moraal
Omg about his stupid shirt hahha
Julia Moraal
"Those kids " not "my kids" .. because he doesn't care about them.. he's a psychopath and sociopath I think he just got disgusted by his wife , u can tell how he looks at her in her live streams
Mark Synyster
I studied psychology and i know when people when she or he is lying and his smirk is so ominous
Timothy McGinnis
Of course this POS killed his family. Tried to cover it up by saying his wife killed their children. Burn in HELL CHRIS
Cosmo Kramer
He needs a "#1 dad" mug shoved up his ass.
Linsy Benson
Chris devil iblis..I.hove his Jail
Icy Mango
The video of shannan’s legitimately sad father killed me.
Icy Mango
My cat went missing for about a day or so, I’m not sure the exact amount of time, and I couldn’t sleep, I was terrified, and so worried I wouldn’t ever see her again. We were moving, and she’s very scared and shy, and she found a hole in the bottom of our couch and climbed in. My brother found her and I was what I felt so relieved. I cared more than this guy even pretended to be and seemed like he was. It’s sickening, and he’s a terrible person. That cat is my life, but he should be more concerned about his children than I was about a fricken cat
charles barboza
Wow, it’s it’s almost as if he can’t hold back his “Joy” that they are gone. So sad. A man who kills his Wife is a real Dirt Bag, but, a man who kills his own children, all I can say is: “DEATH PENALTY”!!!!
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RAW: Chris Watts confesses Body Language Proof Chris 7 months ago   1:00:01

The Weld County District Attorney's office released photos, hours of videos and other items related to the Chris Watts case.

The documents released include phone interviews, drone video of the oil well site where the bodies of Shanann Watts and her daughters' bodies were found, as well as photos of the search of the Watts' home.

9Wants To Know has reviewed several of the videos that have been released, including videos of Chris Watts' polygraph tests.

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