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Gone with the Wynns
We founds several more awesome small RVs that we've fallen in love with over the years and we've listed them on our site: http://www.gonewiththewynns.com/best-small-rv

Update: We decided to keep Windy for the remainder of our RV travel's. We begged her to take us back and she did! You can read why here: http://www.gonewiththewynns.com/sorry-windy

As most of you know our Windy is for sale and we are looking for a new home on wheels! This will be our 4th RV purchase and needless to say, we know the drill!

Here is our general "RV wish list":
Length: under 30ft
Sleeps: 4 (we are having some guests this year)
Generator (for our boondocking days)
Good inside storage (because we are full time)
Somewhat contemporary styling

We have stopped off at several RV Dealerships along our route in Wisconsin and Missouri. So far and these are our favorites.

Winnebago View 24M - MSRP $110,000
Winnebago Vista 26HE - MSRP $70,000
Leisure Travel Unity 24MB - MSRP $120,000
Thor Ace 27.1 - MSRP $91,000 (not in the video: this floor plan isn't out yet but we like the 29.1)
Thor Siesta 24SR - MSRP $108,000 (not in the video: each dealer we went to was sold of out, but that's a good sign I'm guessing)

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Jeannie patterson
Just found your videos, I was wondering what the advantages are buying the rv onthe tv show? Also the disadvantages? I guess by now you’re on the sailboat...
Sarah Blue
You two are cute and I liked the points you made on each MH. Food for thought on making my own pick.
Hi Guys. I like the way you "act out" whether or to the degree that you like something. Also speeding up the bed etc. It makes for a much shorter video which makes it more watchable. Not long at all. And of course while doing this you did a good job demonstrating and filming the attributes of each model. Thank you.
Valerie Konstantos
How old are you guys?? 10?? Lol - Great video
7:01 the door is frozen
Happy Hands
Having access to the bed from both sides is a BIG PLUS for a couple living in a RV.
Lauren Loucks
A millennial that cooks a lot? OMG is there such a thing? lol
Terrie Marie Hoy-Recio
I'm having a dilima myself on which RV for me I'm 64 but I definitely want a shower of some sort
Stumbling Colossus
"A lot of plastic in there"
Stumbling Colossus
The death eyes. As if their souls dripped out and no one noticed.
The Turcan's tribe
Aaaww kids!✌
Bluegrass Arts Anne
You can buy drawer pullouts and add them after the fact pretty cheap. Plus faucet upgrades pretty cheap too. All save you money.
$110,000! I'll buy another house first.
Chazchimom Fl
Hey i have a 1975 chinook i plan to modernize it loved your video.
lisa morand
I hear diesel is more expensive than gas. All fixtures can be replaced, and you can build or buy something that will roll out of deep drawers, easy fix there. Not a fan of the coffin bed. So did not like the first one. The second one was better, other than the diesel I like the third one. the second or third.
Blue Finally Gets A Clue
The last one seemed the best out of all three. I know the bed seemed annoying but it looked cool.Plus that was a unique circular design to the seating area.
I was surprised and disappointed at the Winnebago they are usually nice
Merry Johnson
Thanks for the informative video. You both do such a good job of teaching about RVs, and you are fun to watch. Keep up the great work!
manal eid
I am 8 and like this I pick the second one
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The Best New and Innovative RVs of 2015 Our Top RV Picks Under 30 feet 10 months ago   04:36

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