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10 Amazing Paper Tricks! Here are some fun tricks you can try just about anywhere.

I've included the list of tricks and some of them include download links to templates.

#1 Impossible paper
Template: http://imgur.com/RVofGgw

An oldie but a goodie. Trick you friends with this super simple but cool trick.

#2 Perpetual Spinner
Template: http://imgur.com/FMnJ1v0

This one takes advantage of rising heat to spin the paper. Be careful when doing this experiment. The paper could catch fire.

#3 Walk Thru Paper
Template: http://imgur.com/9ODGLfR

Another oldie but a goodie. The tighter you make the lines, the bigger the hole it will create.

#4 Annoying Noise Maker

This one is super easy and really annoying

#5 Ruler Breaker

Using nothing but a piece of paper to "hold" down the ruler, you can break it.

#6 Möbius strip

If you take a strip of paper, twist it half way and tape the ends, then cut down the middle, the 2 pieces of paper will join and make 1 large loop
If you take the ends and twist them a full time and tape them together then cut down the middle, it will create 2 linked loops.

#7 Impossible Fold

This trick has some controversy. Some say you can't fold more than 7 times, more than 8, or more. It also depends on the thickness of the paper and the make up of the paper. Generally though, it's extremely difficult, if not impossible to fold ordinary sheets of paper more than 8 times.

#8 Blooming Flower
Template: http://imgur.com/638zNAp

This one is very impressive. Be sure to use just a little layer of water. You can make different sizes and shapes of flowers. Some times they will bloom fast and other times slow.

#9 Paper Popper

This one is super fun, because you can create it almost anywhere. It takes a little practice. You want to make sure to seal off all of the holes in your hand and when you "clap" your hands together you're trying to create a nice air pocket that forces the paper out. If you get really good, you can create extremely loud pops.

#10 Super Paper Strength
Template: http://imgur.com/WQbwbyI

The "tighter" you can make these the stronger it will be. Obviously you could cut thinner strips and have 10, 15, separate cylinders but to me, the taller and fewer the cylinders the more impressive it looks. I calculated that with the 6 cylinders I had, it could hold at least 150 pounds. Be careful when trying this trick.

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Sebastian L
It's moebius
Rose Khobragade
2:08 I already have noise maker but I call them as my brothers and sisters
Benjamin Fallon
2:09 tho
Sam van Rouwendaal
Is dat meisje djamils like als je nl bent
Vaishnavi Pokale
These all tricks are from 5 minutes crafts....
Angelo hst games e dicas
This is very terrible 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
Oliver Coulthard
It's called a mobius strip
Pack Of wolves
I folded it 25 times
Daisy Janet
2018 anyone
The Backpack gUrL
PrestonPlayzRoblox 117
We just kill trees for entertainment nowadays
bpsav 101
I just folded a smaller peace of paper more than 8 times
DIY KNUTSELEN & TEKENEN - Craft with paper
Kenshin Hilario
That's was EASY!✌
B Walko
I can fold a paper 15 times, easily! Nobody's specifying in half!
Beautiful 😉
Spend your time else where. This video is amazingly dumb and boring. You’re welcome.
Tim Stettinger
it's möbius strip
Miriam Aguilar
Awesome, I love the ideas, Good work
The Browns
3:31 will actually The MythBusters proved that you can fold paper more than 7 times using a steamroller a lot of hard effort in the football field size piece of paper they were able to get to 11 folds before could be done anymore
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