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Derek Van Schaik
Here’s all the actual proof you need that Jake Paul is a sociopath with body language signs.

A sociopath is someone who lacks empathy and conscience, which causes them to use people as pawns. Shane Dawson has put out a whole video series on YouTube in the elaborate attempt to answer the question of whether or not the YouTube star, Jake Paul, is a sociopath. Although Shane’s video series is very dramatic and suspenseful, there’s a more straightforward way to determine whether or not Jake Paul is a sociopath. Jake Paul’s extremely transparent showing himself in his vlogs. Furthermore, there are numerous others who have worked with Jake who can fill in the blanks of what he’s like when the camera’s aren’t rolling.

We’re going to go through each common sociopath trait and reveal the possible evidence on Jake Paul. Keep in mind, exhibiting just a handful of these sociopath traits doesn’t mean a person is a sociopath; however, when someone exhibits all of them, they literally become the definition of a sociopath.

Grandiose - Sociopaths have this grandiose idea of themselves because they feel entitled.

Impulsivity - Because the sociopath feels entitled, they do whatever comes to mind at the moment.

Shallow emotions - Jake did a Make A Wish for a young girl. She dies a few weeks later. All the emotion he shows is fake and he’s giving this odd smirk the whole time.

Irresponsibility - The sociopath breaks commitments and come across as unreliable because of their feeling of entitlement.

Difficulty keeping relationships - People eventually find out that they’re being used as pawns, so they understandably cut ties with the sociopath.

Changes often - Sociopaths change their image often to avoid being found out.

Endangering others - Sociopaths aren’t concerned with how they could be endangering others because they are zeroed in on how they can use others only for their own personal gain.

Lack of empathy - Jake Paul did a giant Jenga challenge. Someone gets hurt when the Jenga tower finally falls. Jake mostly just makes jokes, shows no remorse, and comes across as mostly focused on how that kids’ misfortune could bring him more views.

Lack of remorse, shame, or guilt - Sociopaths are so focused only on themselves they don’t feel remorse, shame, or guilt so nothing stops them from doing outrageous things that will benefit themselves.

Risky behavior - YouTube is actually the perfect playground for a sociopath because the more extreme they are, the more views they’ll get and the more successful they will be.

No concern for his impact on others - Sociopaths don’t care that what they’re doing to others around them isn’t nice or fair, they don’t have that concept.

Dishonesty - Sociopaths don’t have an internal moral compass; their compass is merely weighing the consequences that will result for doing what they think needs to be done to get what they want.

In capacity for love - Sociopaths don’t have the capacity to love. They’ll of course say I love you and seek companionship, but the relationship is all about their own personal gain and never about the other person.

Manipulative and deceitful - Sociopaths are manipulative and deceitful because they are using people like pawns to get what they want with no regard for others.

Oblivious to devastation - People complaining about any devastation they’ve caused is just background noise to the sociopath.

Cruelty to people - Sociopaths don’t actually value relationships and bonds with other people, any emotional bonds that are thought to have been created with the sociopath aren’t real.

Aggression - Sociopaths act with a lot of aggression and tend to abuse people, due to their lack of empathy.

The evidence that Jake Paul is a sociopath is overwhelming. Some may argue that he just put on the sociopath type personality because it’s good for getting views on YouTube. However, the reality is that his on camera personality was proven by those closest to him to be a similar to his real life personality. Furthermore, for him to even be capable of having that “I do what I want and the heck with others” type of on camera persona proves he’s a sociopath. Non-sociopaths would find it extraordinarily difficult doing what he does to other people because a normal person’s empathy and conscience will hold them back.

Jake Paul’s brother, Logan Paul, recently made video about the whole sociopath debate. Logan says there's sociopath spectrum. If that's the case, Jake Paul falls on the very high side of that spectrum.

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In the comments: What do you think of Jake Paul?

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can i have a like coz this was posted on my birthday
Blank _ Space
the dude who made this video seems pretty socio.
Diz 420
I hate watching these videos and feeling like my ex is a sociopath because he showed a lot of these signs....
Jason Higbee
At least I know, now, the difference between alpha male and sociopath
Jason Higbee
oookaaay , so what u said about Jake Paul is absolutely accurate , but dont talk about soziopaths like that please? Soziopaths do NOT try to manipulate people they just act after logic and what would be most fitting in the situation , dont make them seem like aweful persons people like you make them get bashed ya know
That hole could def break more than a leg... jake is TALL... to the average person that would give them fatal wiplash

Also... sociopathy has a spectrum and most sociopaths DO value their own death and DO have emotions but ONLY when it comes to themselves
Ive delt with so many sociopaths i have to warn yal be extremely careful who ur friends with cuz they will minipulate u and try and dominate u and deflect on u and it hurts so much no matter how they treat u if u got that gut that they dont care trust that gut
And if they cry abt themselves that means nothing
Ta Da
Adderall maybe? Amphetamines were great in war because it overrides the minds ban on killing people, or meth at least and at 13mg pervatin x 3-4 a day I believe probably more of course.
kirk cavenaugh
Disney made this monster
Ana Banana
Jake paul is a capricorn (astrology sign)
johnny walker
Never heard of this person until now
Blues Man
Captain Topkek
didn't really need any proof.
johnny walker
It seems like he needs some ADHD medication
Jp is a total pos who should have lost his platform years ago... he should be in prison
Yall don't know what a sociopath is 😂
Ghola Tleilaxu
No words are needed, I can SEE.
EerrnneesSttoo Mm.
its a good thing jake paul has no concern for his life... itll lower the risk of his genes infecting other generations
He is a sociopath. Are we suprised people?
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Jake Paul's Lies & Deception All The Proof You Need That Jake 8 months ago   20:08

First off this is NO SHADE on Shane at all, I think the series created by Shane and Andrew was fantastic, my problems lay with Jake Paul and his manipulative actions throughout the entire series. Today I'm going to be addressing Jakes manipulation, abuse of power, breakup with Erika Costell and Nerd City's videos about Jake Paul's merchandise tactics and lies.








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