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Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Ellie Main, and Burnie Burns in episode #533 as they discuss s’mores, Brexit, conspiracy theories, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on February 25, 2019, sponsored by Hims (, Smile Direct Club (, code ROOSTER), (, code ROOSTER) Join FIRST to watch episodes early:

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Endertristin 2
Discordia Dingle
Yeah, I was a couple of months off from the new measles shot and had to get it again recently.
Bifftop Johnny
I think you're allowed to "tut tut" but you can't for for a third cause THAT's illegal
Podcast #533.
Gonna go ahead and number every podcast sometime, for free.
Shingles is a hoax.
The Rat Prince
What Gavin is describing is a vacuum cleaner.
Blake Draws
The Mexican stereotype is kinda true, considering me and my family are incredibly lazy, but my parents deserve it. My sister deserves it. Me, I’m just lazy.....
josh barbone
Ive watched the podcasts since the 2nd season and it wasnt until just now that i noticed Gus is vampire pal
Neal Farenbaugh
Gus want better service get weboost
you pronounce Oisín as usheen and the u sounds like the u in up. Its Irish
Kyle W
Anyone else see her get triggered when Gavin uttered the word “president” No name attached not anything just the word “president”
Google User
To: Burnie

With all due respect, I can't believe you tried to bring up the second amendment while using "automatic weapons/machine guns" as an excuse to restrict our rights.

You do understand that automatic weapons are already illegal right?
Your poor choice of words is very misleading.
Google User
"That's a bit anti free speech" -Gavin.

Yes sir, yes it is.
Not just a bit though...
Liz Friesen
world market has quality brit food
Should be renamed Ellie's audition tape 😂 I think she covered nearly every stereotypical coastal accent
Benjamin Rostron
In Australia we do DT still
Daniel Schilling
can someone gif gavins face at 56:04 for me?
Caboose Gaming
I had shop class and im 19
Michael Gordon
The craziest thing about the three fifths compromise is that the anti slavery north actually wanted to count slaves as possessions under the law and tax them, whereas the south wanted to count them as population
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RT Shorts - Office Divorce One Suck Worth... - RT Podcast 9 months ago   04:55

When Ryan is divorce-ambushed by Chris and his super lawyer, all hell breaks loose. Join FIRST to watch episodes early:

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RT Shorts - Office Divorce