Negril Jamaica 2012 Chilling With the Rastas in Negril 7 months ago   02:57

Jill Hummels
Feeling stressed? Add some mellowness to your life with scenes from Negril, Jamaica, in February, 2012. Shot arriving in Montego Bay, Negril's Seven Mile Beach, at the beach in front of Rondel Village, on the Wild Thing Catamaran Cruise in the Caribbean and at the Negril dock.

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Chilling With the Rastas in Negril Negril Jamaica 2012 7 months ago   07:38

Met a Rasta on the road in Negril and he asked me to come by to try his freshly made Mango Juice...Well we also went there because my bestfriend was having stomach issues, so he made her a bottle of tea. While visiting he showed me his garden and how he catch rain water.