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Can You Speak Jamaican ? - (Accent Challenge) | Reacting To Songs From All These - At Up-Tube.com

Can You Speak Jamaican ? - (Accent Challenge) Reacting to Songs From all these 2 days ago   08:37

Funny Francis Entertainment
RASTA FRANCIS travelled the seven seas with Jimmy Cliff and Bustamante.

He wanted to find out if people at Leicester Caribbean Carnival could come up with the original Jamaican Accent.

There was mixed results... LOL!!!

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Shagiberry Queen
1: wen mi did likkle mi did waah tun waah astrinat but mi en up tun postman.
2: lass nite mi guh a di dead house an dem tell mi ave 10 secan fi live .
3: mi gaah shap guh buy tree chickin wing an dip.
Sml hale from Jamaica
Dattaraj Mahale
Tried my ass out but couldn't produce the best Jamaican accent
Last night me rasclat went to hospital and dem say me have 10 seconds to live
Weh yeh say >:(
Brodda just meh listenin to yeh say speak Jamaican fi yeh information its patois
Just try saying 'beer can' without sounding like a Jamaican saying 'bacon'.
Jay Lee
This video is painful to watch 🤧🥴
Jay Lee
Mi Han a drame of becum an astronaut but den mi rasclat becam a postman
Dawn Beal
How you it wen mi fi younga mi waf fi be astronot bu mi wa posman
Shlumpz SZN
Time to put all the wakandian accent practices to use
Caitlin Callahan
These are hilarious
Slim Villain
2:07 😂😂😂😂😂
steve ronnie
Funny! check out this Jamaican lady on the phone!

Jack Speziali-Gray
Lol you can either put on the accent or you can't, some people pull it off perfect, others are just hopeless
papajohn fitbyfaith
The Jamaican challenge needs to be a thing.
Thomas Kendell
Yuh haffi come a Doncaster mi lawd!
Dominique TheLoveQueen
Las night mi gah di haspital and dem tell mi mi ave 10 secon to live
6.09 is that jafro aka shango the thungergod myself obviously lengsection and Nancy I see you
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Reacting to Songs From all these Can You Speak Jamaican ? - (Accent Challenge) 2 days ago   07:22

Really had fun making this video ! It’s was also very educational... all I can say is I was sleeping lmao, all these countries have so many good songs and I’m glad I got to broaden my musical space. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did !!
Also shout out to everyone to commented songs from their island 💖

Instagram- @_vijoyy