Top 10 Best NBA All Star Dunk Contest Best Dunks and Posterizes! NBA 2018-2019 10 months ago   09:33

Javier Mendia
Top 10 All Star Dunk Contest dunks All time

1. Aaron Gordon
2. Vince Carter
3. Zach LaVine
4. Vince Carter
5. Nate Robinson
6. Victor Oladipo
7. Jason Richardson
8. Zach LaVine
9. Aaron Gordon
10. Michael Jordan

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Shunta Jones
Shunta JONES
Reem Hamed
Zack lavine l got you in my basketball game
VC should be first with the elbow dunk
_SladeSnake _
I think this nigga is on crack if you think the Zack LaVine dunk from free throw under the legs dunk is number 7 to me that is at least top 5 and a normal to the side under the legs done by Vince Carter is better! Your on drugs your an idiot my guy
Jose Mendoza
Euler Jorge Camacho Sandoval
AIR Jordan is amazing no human
Chris K
9:14 looks like he is about to rip a massive fart on poo bear
cogie miranda
Michael jordan the best dunk ever
xingyue wei
Jordan just no.10???
U Co.
All of aaron gordon dunks were fire!!!!!
He won. Idc what they said.
Double Randall
MAN!!! They cheat Gordon. He had the best never seen dunks @creativity
Mora Kennon
#2 and #1 need to switch places
Rodr Hola
charlton frederik
23 JORDAN nice
Jermaine Bruce
U crazy to put MJ last
Joaquin Castro
nanananana no se como termine viendo esto pero la verdad es que la vuelcan como yo, y mira que es dificil eh por que yo realmente soy moooooooooy moooooy boeno afa afa afa faertee
NBASelect 5M subscribes no video
Lebron's dunk contest was better.

Subscribe if youn know I'm lying.👇

No I wasn't.
Ganesh Kshatriya
Eric rivera
mark bryan espedion
Gordon like
Jordan comment
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Best Dunks and Posterizes! NBA 2018-2019 Top 10 Best NBA All Star Dunk Contest 10 months ago   09:30

Best Dunks and Posterizes of the Season Part 4!!!
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