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The best sunset view in Yosemite (accessible by car) is Glacier Point. The drive from the valley takes an hour. On the way back down to the valley, unless it’s during the winter) stop at Tunnel View, the most photographed view in the world. Even though it will be dark out, the view is still amazing if there climbers camping on El Capitan. The pattern formed by tent lights from climbers settling down for the night is called the "El Cap Constellation".

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Any tips on parking up at glacier point? How early should you arrive?
Rongxiang Liu
Kanika Arora
Is it hard to get parking up there if you drive for sunset?
I hiked my way up to the top and it was an amazing experience with an amazing view! This video is great!
YoYO Semite
This guy is so full of shit, it's pathetic. Curry Village was changed to Half Dome Village, years ago. Try and keep up. And the Mist Trail up to Nevada Falls, is NOT the most terrify hike in Yosemite......don't waste your time listening to this moron, he does not know what he is talking about.
triple oracle
Glad road opened
Chase the Alpine
We hiked the 4 mile trail down from glacier point back to the valley! It's not a simple hike - especially after we had hiked the mist trail and the panarama trail on the same day! We love this place! Planning our third visit from Australia in August this year! Great banter guys!
Claudio Pardo
No picture or video of the sunset
Carlos Ascencio
Awesome video, I was planning to go on Tuesday but I went on the website to make sure it is open but I found out it’s actually closed during winter I’m so disappointed. When was this clog shot?
eric berry
The crazy people are the ones who do the flying in air pictures from that rock.
Adam Mays
Yay! More Zane's World!
California literally has it all.
Stephen JB Trice
Zane and Mel. Please make more travel videos. Id take the two of you over Bourdain or Zimmerman anyday.
Mine puckered just watching the video!
Del Vecks
Good to see some new vids uploaded, thanks. One of these days my fam will get out there!
Peanut Turner
I'm afraid I'm going to have to unsub because if I see one more of these Yosemite videos I'm going to be straight on a plane back there and my credit card bill is going to cause me problems. What a view. Thanks!
Karl Christianson
I love the banter between Zane and Mel... thank you for making these!
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Case Study 04: The Disappearance of George Yosemite • THE BEST SUNSET in the park 1 day ago   12:10

Join me as I discuss and analyze another strange national park missing person case. "There's Probably No Time" by Chris Zabriskie











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