Film Theory: Captain Marvel's Game Theory: Can Sonic SURVIVE 7 months ago   19:13

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I am SO excited for Captain Marvel. This movie has the potential to take the ENTIRE Marvel Cinematic Universe and flip it on its head! The big enemy of the film, and Captain Marvel in the comics, are the Skrulls. They are the shapeshifting space warriors bent on the destruction of the Kree, who you might remember from the first Guardians of the Galaxy. Since the Skrull can become ANYONE, we know Marvel has to have a big reveal planned for us. Something so SHOCKING that nothing will be the same after we find out who is a secret Skrull, Today Theorists, I am sharing my predictions for Captain Marvels big twist!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Editors: Marc Schneider, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and BanditRants
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, S02E07
Avengers #133-134
Fantastic Four #18

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Zen Universe
I chose right!
Dark Alla
Looks like ur completely wrong
Junie Cupplo
KirbyKid Johnson

EXTRA NOTE: I forgot that the button selected sends them in a fire. That’s why I accidentally said left.
Fire gaming Wheatley
Plot twist: EvErYoNe Is A sKrUlL
Christian Guerrero
I like how all the people on the thumbnail are now dead 😅
Sonni D
*Red Skull* is a Sk -r- ull
Everybody knows Mattpatt has always had green eyes and rocks a leather jacket like a lizard man I mean skrull.
Chicken Flores
But aren't the srulls peacefull and the good guys ? So why would they try to separate the avengers cause around 12: 02 he talks about that and the scrulls may not or may still try locate the other scrulls separated on the universe cause the scrulls needed caption marvel power source to able get all the hidden scrulls around the universe
abby 0w0
Ive heard that if loki actually died, then he would turn blue because hes a frostgiant, but he actually disgused as Dr.Banner
TJ Acree
Ya Ross is a skrull and the real ross will reveal as red hulk. Anyone wanna bet?
Echo Wolfie
And you did say that some scroll could take a few powers. So if for the scroll that could take his power, he would also take the second(kinda) person with it. And the memory thing in the movies is definitely a hint, because he never has. And that he now all of a sudden has control over hulk, and that hulk wasn’t exactly hulk in the movie end game. Isn’t that suspicious?
Echo Wolfie
But if for Hulk, think, he was never afraid to go into battle, yet he was. Could it be because it wasn’t banned?
Well... on the bright side, we explain the change in actors for Rhodes now!
You forgot someone that reveals themselves after Spiderman Far From Home. I won't say who but he/she did help move the MCU. So close MatPat
14:26 nope iron man killed himself
Joey Allain
You know General Ross Becomes red hulk in the comics so maybe that route instead plus no hulk around so his happy
Jay Fry
IT'S NOT A DECIMATION, DECIMATION MEANS REDUCED TO 10%. Sorry, that's just a huge pet-peeve of mine.
The gaming Knight
The blip
Before seeing the movie: Looks cool

After seeing the movie: Wow Was this whole movie just a feminist (Feminazi) brainwash Or It's me.

Seriously, There was NO need to add these "White men bad" "White men Oppressor" things In the movie. It would have been better.
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Game Theory: Can Sonic SURVIVE Film Theory: Captain Marvel's 7 months ago   17:18

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