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We Die Young (2019) - Official Trailer | Universal Solider // Classic Scene - At Up-Tube.com

WE DIE YOUNG (2019) - Official Trailer Universal Solider // Classic Scene 1 day ago   02:01

Jean-Claude Vandammelibrary
WE DIE YOUNG (2019) - Official Trailer (HD)
- Jean-Claude Van Damme. Directed by : Lior Geller.
*It is no accident that Van Damme is silent throughout the film's trailer. According to Lior Geller, his character is based on a soldier he knew who lost the ability to speak, following a life-changing injury on the battlefield.

Date of release : In select U.S. theaters and On Demand on Friday, March 1, 2019.

IMDB info :

Comments 79 Comments

Hani Farjo
JCVD 🇧🇪💪🔥
The Name
The Man
The Legend

The True Bruce Lee Successor!
I love van damme😍😍😍😍😍😍💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘
Yol Akin
It was a good movie.
الغريزة الفائقة
Salut Jean Claude !
Je ne sais pas si vous lirez ce petit message, mais je me suis décidé de l'écrire quand même.
Je t'ai apprécié toute mon enfance et voici aujourd'hui que j'ai grandi...
Je suis de la république démocratique du Congo et je souhaite vous voir face à face avant que l'un de nous puisse quitter le monde car j'ai un message très important à vous transmettre.
Irileide Silva
Jean só produz filme maravilhoso ✌👊👏👏👏😗
Legextra Legextra
Saw we die young today. Great performances all round. Surprised to see van damme have no voice. But became clear why. But for me I was disappointed with the lack of van damme kicking ass! I wanted to see more kicks and karate chops. The built of of the baddies being bad was mammoth but the pay off wasn't as punchy as I'd hoped. This is a staple of a van damme movie that I really miss. But I guess this wasn't that type of movie. If I went to the cinema to see this as a hard core van damme fan, from the 90s, I'd be disappointed I'm afraid.
Balson Naoshekpam
Vandamme in his genuine style
Jorge Gaytan
JEAN CLAUDE...You are classy'talented actor'and martial artist'yet a humble man 'God bless you and your family
Sodom 1611
it is a classical story i have been watching many like this but does not matter i gonna see the this. Coz there is JCVD
Nicolino locche El arte de Defender Sin Atacar
Me encantaría este canal aún más si subirías películas completas en español de Jean Claude Van Damme porfavor espero que les este comentario
Hafid Vlogs
Please participate in my small channels https://up-tube.com/channel/HPXO0kL14zvcH-id2x2S0HbN
Is this like Gran Torino?
Juan Pablo Álvarez Cruz
Super peli d Van Damme
shawn wilson
Dam your still doing movies I think it's time to give it up, van damme your all our of breath what happened to the real van damme.
Diego Borges S.F.C
Gregory Matous
Interesting concept from a promising new director. I'll be looking forward to seeing this in a month.
kain of nosgoth
Looks good
χριστακης χαραλαμπους
Αnother cheap straight on dvd movie.
Sou fã desse cara desde criança
Siim Travelz
looks like badass movie....cant wait!
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Universal Solider // Classic Scene WE DIE YOUNG (2019) - Official Trailer 1 day ago   09:17

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