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What I Eat In A Week: Low Carb, Low Sugar | What Healthy Asian Meals - At Up-Tube.com

What I Eat in a Week: Low Carb, Low Sugar What Healthy Asian Meals 1 day ago   23:31

rachel rose diary
Living in Korea with no white rice or wheat-based noodles?! Can she do it?! The answer is yes lol and it's not that difficult! Homeplus has a wide variety of both Eastern and Western groceries and supplements that make my job a whole lot easier. I cook my own dinners at home, meal prep for lunch at work the night before, and only go out to restaurants where I know I can eat without guilt. At first I thought being low carb, low sugar in Korea would be really hard (and when your coworkers regularly order pizza and your boyfriend's diet is 30% chocolate, it can be!) but I have been feeling great lately and don't regret my decision in the least.

This isn't the MOST low-carb I could be, but the primary symptom that made me start such a diet in the first place has disappeared and not yet made another appearance in WEEKS, so I'm happy!

A separate video will be announcing just what I'm trying to beat later, once I test the diet a bit further and can draw more concrete conclusions on it's effectiveness. Hopefully it's a happy video 💕


For those who are new, my boyfriend Andy is Korean, and I am American. We met in 2016 while I was studying abroad in Seoul at Ewha Womans University, then embarked on a 2 year long distance relationship journey! We were reunited permanently in August 2018, and officially moved in together February 2019!

We are here to humbly share our lives with others - we hope you enjoy the journey 💕


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Eat something your body will thank you for today!
- rachel

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What Healthy Asian Meals What I Eat in a Week: Low Carb, Low Sugar 1 day ago   08:11

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