How to Make a Powered Richshaw (Tuk IT SHOULD BE IN EVERY HOME / HOW TO MAKE 1 year ago   14:31

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Today I want to share you how to make an electric Rickshaw from paper box, dc motor, and battery. After you watch this video, you can practice and make it at home. It's really fun! Thank you for watching!!

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Najbin Sultana
Nc so
TheDoDo Channel
What's are the materials?
Prashant bhati
Nita Bhandari
The rubber is not working I had made it but I am fail
Bhala Ram
भगवान शिव शंकर (महादेव) को संहार करने का विभाग काल ने दिया क्योंकि इनके पिता निरंजन को एक लाख मानव शरीर धारी जीव प्रतिदिन खाने पड़ते हैं।
Bhala Ram
माया काली नागिनी, अपने जाये खात।
कुण्डली में छोड़ै नहीं, सौ बातों की बात।।
स्वयं ब्रह्मा, विष्णु, महेश, आदि माया शेराँवाली भी निरंजन की कुण्डली में है। ये अवतार धर कर आते हैं और जन्म-मृत्यु का चक्कर काटते रहते हैं।
Poonam Gupta

sheru Singh
Manoj Kumar
Seema Nikam
Very nice! Cool
Mashhood Hussain
Tio Rick
new suscriber !
Ramcharan Verma
So cool
Majid Babu
Very nice
Anand Sahani
Bipatiya Paswan
lovely esy making
ZubR Khan
Poonam sahani
Neelam Lohchab
Bhai mera be bnado
Bhupesh mishra mishra
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IT SHOULD BE IN EVERY HOME / HOW TO MAKE How to Make a Powered Richshaw (Tuk 1 year ago   05:04

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