USA F1 Student Visa Interview Tips How to Answer Common Admission Interview 4 months ago   04:11

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Tips For Visa Interview:
Tushar Desai, A Georgia tech university student, describes his experience of his F1 visa interview and shares some of the F1 visa interview tips that worked for him.


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mihir karopady
Worst loan services credila
praveen sharma
Bike Vids
Double Top
Thank you!
Bee aa personalited
please bro msg me 8872756881
Jennifer Kumar
Good job, Tushar. I guess you would have come and finished your degree by now. How was your experience?
Every soul has to Taste the death
acha hai bhai
raj jay
What are different ways to stay in usa for a student
Rohit Lama
hello brother I have 9 years gap in study is it possible to apply?
Hrishikesh Deshpande
how much money do we need to show in our account ?
Infinite freak
From some source i came to know that if professor of usa sponsor you for your study in usa then their visa will not be reject is it true
Shanty Yankee
how to get pr aftr ur study ??
Abdoul Madaki Fcbk
Bohot dhanyavaad bha.
i like ur first statement keep smile and feel comportable...what if im crying infront of it posible that i can get visa?
Abdul Hannan
Do they see our backlogs in their computer??
Abhisekh Rana
brother i got passed out from 12th standard from non medical from punjab india can i apply for in chicago and plz tell me all the necessary steps and details contact numbr is +91 9815064843 plz help me bro i am very keen to study in us please help
HDFC Credila - Education Loan
USA F1 Student Visa Interview Tips by Georgia Tech Student.
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How to Answer Common Admission Interview USA F1 Student Visa Interview Tips 4 months ago   03:51

Get Recruitment Notifications of all private and govt jobs , Mock test details ,Previous year question papers only at – the No.1 jobsite for entry level candidates in India. (To register : ) – This video is all about “How to Answer Common Admission Interview Question - Why this university?

The personal interview panel might ask you this question to check your level of interest in their university. This is your chance to impress them! You should know about the institute’s history, its flagship programmes, ranking, placement records, faculty members etc. It would be good if you can get in touch with a few students of that institute before your PI. Apart from giving you an idea about the kind of panel you would have to face, they can give you valuable insight into the college’s academic and extra-curricular activities.
You should already have at least some idea of why you applied to your chosen universities, but if you’re a bit hazy on your reasons, it’s best to get some notes down.
• First of all, take a look at the course content - what aspects appeal to you most? How is it different to the course offered by the other universities you’ve applied to?
• Next, research the university itself - do they have a reputation as a leading institution in your field? Are there any noted lecturers working in the department? What facilities, in terms of both study and leisure, does it offer?
• Some students have even been asked about the history of the university! So make sure you know enough to give a comprehensive answer.
• Show that you’ve done your research. List all of the reasons you feel the university is ideally suited for you, whether it’s their faculty, facilities, course offerings, class size, student activities, job placement record, networking opportunities or location. You want to convey that this university is one of the top choice for you.
You can answer how their university can help to fulfill your dream. Describe them that how the educational as well as overall standard of the institute is matching with your abilities and skills.
Like you can say,
• This university will provide me with an opportunity to enhance my skills and also apply my knowledge that I have gained over the years.
• I got very positive feedback about this university from many students who are currently studying at your university. Secondly while doing my research for good university I found that this university is rated good by many rating institutions.
• This university recognized my potential and granted me a good potential . The university is affordable and the faculty is interactive as they answered all my queries.
• This university is much more committed to excellence in teaching and also grants or fosters scholarships to students.
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