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An amusement park in the southern German town of Loeffingen said it was redesigning a carousel resembling two spinning swastikas after public criticism forced the company to close the ride. Footage that was filmed on Thursday shows the shut down attraction with a sign saying "Out of order".

A video of the carousel called 'Eagle's Flight' was posted on social media with users pointing at the resemblance between the shape of its spinning parts and the Nazi symbol. Intentional display of swastika is illegal in Germany.

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Political correctness run amok. Next they will want to redesign the Zyclon B Chamber of Love.
ali ghasemi
thats cool. keep up the good work
Jen Lee
I don't understand why Japan still uses their Rising Sun flag, which represented Japanese imperialism. Japanese people think it is cool fashion and use the flag symbol. It should be also banned like the Nazi swastika.
They are now going to try Deaths Head symbols in an attempt to make the ride more tasteful.
Something Fishy
I'm sorry the townsfolk people have never traveled outside of, what the heck is their town name again? Oh, right . . . *Pushover Lederhosen* They've never traveled to INDIA apparently. Because the SWASTIKA originates from their culture. They knew that right?? So for anyone of India descent that might find it sketchy to have one of your symbols dishonored by Anti-Swastika hatred, oh, never mind. You're up to your necks in Kashmir.
Pretty town that Pushover Lederhosen, I'll give it that.
Cris Deeming
Keep it love it.
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