Let's Talk About Tesla The $35,000 Tesla Model 3 Is Actually 1 week ago   09:39

Marques Brownlee
The truth about Rivian, Faraday Future, Lucid Air, and the rest.
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I love donald trump
It'll be actual car company's that will be taking over the electric car market.
Anjith Merrie Jan
Tesla killer?.. More like "startup killer"
tesla will be the new toyota.
hen fran
Maybe tesla is hyped up too much due to certain powerful influential investors? If this truck does what is claimed it will be hard to compete with.
Ethan A.
*Markass Brownlee*
Gibbet Hoskins
It's a great truck ...but they are tripping balls on the design of the front end, people who buy trucks want something that looks tough like a Tacoma etc ...not something with a front end that looks like it was designed for IT office nerds. Side note, there will be no 'Tesla Killer' ...Tesla will dominate that industry for a long time to come. Also the big car companies don't want a Tesla killer yet, they don't yet want a car that disturbs their current combustion vehicle sales too much, because those factories/processes are already established.
Marques - Established car companies can't be as ambitious partly because they have so much stock to move already. Imagine 10 years of predominantly diesel car manufacturing, and a ton of these sitting on the tarmac when they finish manufacture. Tesla pre-sell all their cars and have no backlog - 400,000 sales of the model 3 and they've made 100,000 of them already. The quarterly financial reports of Audi, BMW etc were pretty dreadful in the 2nd half of 2018 precisely because of this reason.

Y'all should watch the Fully Charged Show on the tube for more information, and thumb this up so he sees it!
BanReport GT

Just passsing by!
Ricardo Jordao
The iPace has better numbers already, and it's cheaper... but it lacks the charging stations.
Luis Vasquez
Look at all the Teslemmings lol
I agree. Most people don't think about the infrastructure that has been in place for many years in order for us to drive gasoline powered cars. If you are going to pay $60K+ for a modern vehicle you should have the capability to drive across the country. Otherwise your just driving an expensive golf cart.
Scott Raulston
The truck in the background ruined the whole video if I'm being quite honest.
What's the beeping sound?
Larry Patterson
Love watching your videos very informative and so many nice and different things to see and enjoy learning about. Thanks
Nicholas Torres
It’s all politics. Lol
Trollimus Prime
I can’t wait for like 20 years from now when all modes of transportation are electric, and we have a minor solar storm and it knocks all electrics on earth.
Cro nus
Promises lol let’s see.
Supercharged 2003
I honestly hope electric vehicles just die out
I like you and all but you certainly have a bias to tesla. I wouldn't expect anything less tbh since you own one, but guaranteed a Tesla killer will come from one of the big companies. I do think they believe themselves to be too safe, and that is the advantage Tesla has, but if Toyota or Honda comes out with an EV or guaranteed you'll see so many of them over time. People like what they are comfortable with, and for many they buy the brands that they know. And way down in the not so distant future, I think they can get charge times down to a couple minutes and make gas stations into charging stations where you "fill up" and go. Time will tell. Either the complacency from the big players makes Tesla a true big player, or the big boys open their eyes a little wider and take that advantage away from them. One of two things will happen.
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The $35,000 Tesla Model 3 Is Actually Let's Talk About Tesla 1 week ago   14:29

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The $35,000 Tesla Model 3 is actually amazing...

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