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Muay Thai Child Boxers | Boxing's Greatest Revenge! Part - At Up-Tube.com

Muay Thai child boxers Boxing's Greatest Revenge! Part 5 months ago   04:01

DW News
For many in Thailand, Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing is serious business. And that includes children and teenagers. Some kids start boxing as soon as they can walk. For them, the goal is to turn pro and break out of poverty. But this is a quite dangerous path. Just recently, a 13-year old boxer died of a brain injury from a blow to the head.
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Ill pray for our thailand kid warriors health & peace in there destiny. Is very sad storys from world
Yea, they should fight with helmets. In Burma i watched a fight, the boys had helmets, but no gloves, thats much safer. And they endure kicks and knees to the bare stomach anyway, no problem with well trained abs.
Zain Lookboonmee
This is understandably a pretty basic video on the sport given its 4 minute length. However, it contains a number of errors through omission, incorrect facts, and a lack of understanding of the realities of rural Thailand.

20-40 punches a round to the head? That's in boxing. Muay Thai strikes that score the most are knees and kicks to the body and sweeps. In Thailand, fighters don't generally hit their opponents in the head as much as Western boxers do. I've seen enough fights all across Thailand where opponents might not even exchange a single strike to the head and just focus on body strikes.

The doctor in the video makes the claim that the young children can do something else besides fighting. Has she even been to Isaan or rural Thailand and seen the harsh realities and lack of opportunities, both professional and educational, that Thai children are faced with. The overwhelming majority of people in Isaan lack access to the facilities that people in the West have in abundance. Drugs, gangs, no jobs, rape etc make earning a decent wage impossible for many Thais.

I won't claim that Muay Thai is 100% safe but if similar standards were applied to American football - where young players receive head trauma without even getting paid - it would probably be banned. Gene Tunney, Boxing Heavyweight champion in the early 1900s, found the sport of Football barbaric.
Augur Cybernaut
No gloves, no shin guard and add head gear.
Ron Walsh
there is no truer sport than boxing and martial arts, but you cannot deny the damage the sport can do over time. i'd hate to take away training potential for kids, but honestly, i dont want to see people develop early onset alzheimer or encephalopathy in their freaking 20's... head gear, especially while training, seems like a must. age restrictions for boxing an opponent may not be out of the question. maybe restrict blows to the head for mma until a certain age? i dont know, but there must be something that can be done.
Thailand for the win
Nitish Seth
They should use HEAD GUARD.
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Boxing's Greatest Revenge! Part Muay Thai child boxers 5 months ago   24:13

Revenge is a dish best served cold! SmB Boxing presents some of the greatest revenge wins in boxing history. (Part 1)
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