2019 Volvo VNL Truck - Better 3 Things You Need To Know That 10 months ago   34:16

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2019 Volvo VNL Truck - Everything You Ever Wanted to See / ALL-NEW Volvo VNL 2019 (Volvo Truck 2019)

Volvo Trucks unveils highly anticipated new VNL series

Volvo Trucks North America today revealed the new Volvo VNL series, a groundbreaking tractor that meets the needs of today’s long-haul trucking customers and professional drivers through cutting-edge innovations in efficiency, productivity, safety and uptime. Available in several configurations, including an all-new, 70-inch sleeper, the Volvo VNL series defines the shape of trucks to come.

“The new Volvo VNL builds on our long-standing commitment to deliver the safest, most comfortable and most efficient long-haul truck on the market,” said Göran Nyberg, president of Volvo Trucks North America. “Infused with new innovations and technologies, we’re proud to expand upon that commitment to our current and future customers with this new design.”

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Alpha SQUAD official
New Car Videos: https://goo.gl/5nPYXv
Tarafsız Tarafsız
Bu tırı böyle yakışıklılar sürmeyecek koyum göbekli kısa boylu dayıları 😂
I would give trucking a go if I could drive this :)
Ben ben
Is this truck for super rich truck drivers?
Do the VOLVO sun glasses come free lol!
I wanna Drive a Volvo VNL
Robert Navarro
You lost me at the transmission.
Blaž Bohinc
All these truck getting designed by boomers who think that colour displays are innovative and that a rubber compartment for a phone is revolutionary..
Dvir Fight
In a few years, trucks will automatically drive without a human hand when a truck driver feels fatigued, he will move an automatic driving truck and the truck driver can sleep to the destination he needs In fact, developing automated cars without a human hand so it will sound accidents but still this is in research
Erion Ndreu
This truck is really great, better than Mercedes Benz across 😉😉😉😉
Shawna Graham
Oh look a real mattress!
Cheap Kenworth 2019 I drive had a 5 inch cheap and I mean cheap after two uses it was flat.
KW is cheap inside too.
Dam wish I drive this instead
Ronald Morrison
With a shelf life of about 15 years and it's junk. But you'll see broke down on the side of the road many times before it reaches the junkyard
leon zandbergen
These long nosed luxury American trucks should come to uk and also European roads because the uk and some eu roads can be go on for miles and this will save the driver money on fuel vice versa
Dragan Gruja
dr. gansau
imagine if pharaoh have this truck that DAY! what would he do? lol
asep seffah
I want to drive in America but how to drive it
I'm from Indonesia.
Ryan Rejuvenated
Absolutely amazing
Umbrella company approved!!!
Christopher Hill
LMAO you don't show it at a Pilot Flying J or a TA truck stop though, either way, nice truck!
I have driven every truck that’s on the road today And Volvo and Mack trucks is the way to go if you want to be the king of the road. Truly the best trucks are Volvo and Mack
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3 Things You Need To Know That 2019 Volvo VNL Truck - Better 10 months ago   15:26


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