2019 Volvo VNL Truck - Better 3 Things You Need To Know That 6 months ago   34:16

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2019 Volvo VNL Truck - Everything You Ever Wanted to See / ALL-NEW Volvo VNL 2019 (Volvo Truck 2019)

Volvo Trucks unveils highly anticipated new VNL series

Volvo Trucks North America today revealed the new Volvo VNL series, a groundbreaking tractor that meets the needs of today’s long-haul trucking customers and professional drivers through cutting-edge innovations in efficiency, productivity, safety and uptime. Available in several configurations, including an all-new, 70-inch sleeper, the Volvo VNL series defines the shape of trucks to come.

“The new Volvo VNL builds on our long-standing commitment to deliver the safest, most comfortable and most efficient long-haul truck on the market,” said Göran Nyberg, president of Volvo Trucks North America. “Infused with new innovations and technologies, we’re proud to expand upon that commitment to our current and future customers with this new design.”

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Alpha SQUAD official
New Car Videos: https://goo.gl/5nPYXv
Mykie Hollywood
Im a tech for Penske fleet service. Volvo has really stepped their game up in multiple areas. Preventative maintenance is a breeze with Volvo (except for codes when applicable) and the extra room comes in handy if I have to sleep in the truck. The only problem drivers complain about is the hand bar to the left of the steering wheel. I banged my knee on it a couple times and left a lasting impression. Some drivers wrap it with a towel and owner opps completely remove it! (Except for the older guys) Compared to Freightliner, and International , Volvo has the least amount of issues which keeps the wheels spinning and my pockets grinning!!
Hienrich Hitler
10,000 to get a license to drive a truck where im at.
Daniel Laze
If you want to look good while you go broke with electrical repairs...this is the truck for you... I bought two of them for my fleet because they look so beautiful.... after 150k, fuel rail sensors go bad.... then the same month 10-25k miles later you're gonna need a valve adjustment.... my volvo trucks are 2018& 2019. I'm on my 3rd set of batteries and the 2nd set of starters for both trucks.... My advice...... run. These trucks are far from refined.... also..there is a new electrical problem every week....not an exaggeration...literally every week I get a new fault code on that fancy beautiful screen.... The DEF door rattles until it will finally break off in cold weather.... also the side skirt clips will crack and vibrate loose... Every time a driver off a Volvo calls me I wonder how much it will cost.... If you want to look good while going broke this is a perfect truck for you. I will never buy a Volvo ever again. If you want a beautiful truck at 250k miles I have 2 of them for sale.... Please buy my problems for half the price you could get a new one for.
Dan Strayer
29:36 I know that after 8 hours of driving, I like to kick back, turn on the TV, and....watch videos of trucks going down the road.
Gabriel Ryan
Com gksm
Life of YouTuber game
Even my car don't have those futures
Mufsila Areekkan
Indian compnies need to study from this..
Fitrah Adihutama
Are truckers really that rich in your country?
clayton ewert
when a car brand cares more about their semi trucks than their standard vehicles (you also see more volvo semis than actual cars)
Fuck this
Richi's adventures
Truck interior was just wonderful
But one major problem is that iritating steam engine ..GO ALL ELECTRIC
SSG Squidward
But you can't go through the drive through with this thing.
Merc Khan
I drive the 2019 cacadia. I like the looks and the interior of the cascadia more. You dont feel bumps in the cascadia it's more smooth on the road. I wish it had big mirrors like the Volvo...cascadia is more of a real truck feel...Volvo is like a car easy to drive and back up ....both are great trucks ...previous generation cascadia weren't advance but 2019 and up are the best...my 19 cascadia even comes with the leather seats and the body kit on the front and the sides...cascadia is cheaper than Volvo and you can find parts anywhere in America which is why I like it. Volvo is a great truck but you cant find parts for it also very few mechanics can fix Volvo or you must take it to the dealer...
Ramon Ggg
I want that mofucka's job
Accusing Volvo Truck Scammers
Synonymous with safety, the favorite cheater Volvo
Do not be fooled.
It's a July-type FM500 dump truck in 2018.
If you do not have a steering wheel in place
The head of the technical team, Seo Jung-jin, will give you a ride and move it if you move it. Moreover, I advertise that I can manipulate the steering wheel with my little finger.
Not only that, there are many. Con artists!
Even though there are many people in the headquarters, the symptom is that it was originally said to be normal.
After the A / S period, the power pump is judged to be a problem and a replacement judgment is made. Of course, the repair cost is the customer's expense.
Anthony R.
perfect truck for a perfect world...WAIT! where is perfect world with so beautyfull images?
Hunter XXL
Idk how u can cal 2019 when ur in 2017 😂ლ(╹◡╹ლ)
tre luglio
This truck has more space than average apartment in tokyo 😂
My husband and I need this truck 😍😍😍😍
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3 Things You Need To Know That 2019 Volvo VNL Truck - Better 6 months ago   15:26


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