Bobby Dale Earnhardt's first Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Tour 3 months ago   05:46

Stay tuned to this channel and watch him improve as he starts his 3 year journey to Sprint Cup racing and more upcoming videos. Special thanks to Frank Wilson, Freddy Carpenter for use of the race track and equipment.

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T 1C
Ricky Bobby Dale Earnhardt 😂
How redneck is this?
Jody Craun
He would have been much better off to go out there and follow somebody who knows how to get around there. He just had no experience. He would learn more following somebody for 2 laps then being out there by his self for 50 laps
Mark Chapman
Excellent 1st practice.
Some set-up issues and the track being green made it tough, so great job.
Austin Kelley
Bad A$$ car
Thunder Racing
Does practice count as a hot laps and are you timed?
Don't care for these short tracks. 90% turn and 10 % straights. I prefer 1/2 mile.
Okay put him in a modified!lolz
Kim Sullivan
no balls
Kim Sullivan
Joe Turner
I was impressed!!! I have been racing dirt for over 30 years. Late models for 18 years and open wheel mods now. I build open wheel mods now and racing shocks for other racers including late model drivers just like the car you where watching. The reason the car spun in the same corner is because of the shock and spring package that was on the car for that particular track condition and driver. Bobby picked up the throttle quicker to try to get more speed out of the car but with the hold up shock on left rear and tie down shock on right rear and right front the car just got on right rear to much. Bobby I still race open wheel mods in Kentucky and any time you want to come and have some fun racing a weekend just send me a message. Great job Bobby I thing Dale Earnhardt would have been very proud of you!
Tim Everson
Every comment I've seen has come from a arm chair driver who are all great if u ask them.Having driven these cars it's a hand full for anyone much less a rookie.Go get your own and show the rest of us how you would win races.
Doug R
looks like a lot of fun but the name really? and unprepped track my ass
Josh Hamilton
Stupid name. Bet you changed your entire name to that.
sean henderson
Ok so do half of the critics on here actually have dirt track racing experience driving a 700+ HP late model? The track was un prepped, you can see why he was struggling exiting that turn, it's slick as all hell there! No grip at all, you can hear the engine buzz the tyres outta that turn and halfway down the straight, not to mention IT WAS HIS 1ST GO IN A LATE MODEL!!! Give him a break! Bet all you keyboard critics wouldn't even be able to work a Bert box let alone hotlap the car!
Better stick to pavement
hjr 2
Not many life choices with a name like that. Like naming your kid Jeeves and not expecting him to be a butler.
Matthew Evans
Come on son. Throw it down in the corner and countersteer. He keeps losing it cause actling like he driving Martinsville. This is dirt man
This is Tyler county speedway and its 1/4 mile
Chase Harris
he came to my local track shadybowl speedway running a late model hit the wall lap 5 totaled the car
Milspec Driving
funny, every spin he had maybe 1/4 of the steering in it... counter steer boy!!
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Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Tour Bobby Dale Earnhardt's first 3 months ago   05:22

Dale Earnhardt Jr. gives a behind-the-scenes tour of JR Motorsports.