World's Highest Paid Actors 3 months ago   05:04

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Last week we’ve learned about the highest paid actresses.

What about the actors?

Together, the world's 10 highest-paid actors tallied a combined $748.5 million this year.

Let’s meet the leading men raking in millions.

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Aryan Bartiya
Where is SRK
Saint Tiago
Hey check out my version of Worlds Top 10 Highest-Paid Actors for 2019. Thanks!
Johnny Tooktoo
What kind is that song 2:18
Manish Gurung
Appoos Shahinsha
ranjesh Arora
Salman Khan and akshy Kumar is the best fuck you white people's
Vinay Redkar
Where is sharuk khan
Phoenix Instinct
Akshay Kumar is Always Best.
Unerwünschter Nr. 1
Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr are the best
Sukesh Shetty Mangalore
Parbati singh
bollywood king akshay kumar world highest paid actor akki 😍😍
Tanim Hasan
Salman Khan ❤
Rdj ❤
Chris Evans ❤
Chris Hemsworth ❤
jess jesse
Called , closeth pedophile actor praised the other pedo actor ! Easy math dude ?
Rdj 😍love from india
best videos As
Wrong list bakwasss
best videos As
Salman khan
Prince Kumar
Iron Man is best
Ranjani Swaminathan
Bloody then where is jonny depp?????
Sawgat Mahmud
This one seemed equally wrong the beginning like a similar video just using 2019 in the title with the exact same numbers , but with the description of the sources of income seems less wrong but still older data, most likely 2017 for some entries mostly the Bollywood ones !
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World's Highest Paid Actors 3 months ago   07:31