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Luigi's Mansion 3 - Full Opening | Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - At Up-Tube.com

Luigi's Mansion 3 - Full Opening Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon 2 days ago   02:34

Check out the full story mode opening for Luigi's Mansion 3 in this direct feed capture from E3 2019, as Luigi and the rest of the Mario gang go on vacation to an gorgeous hotel...just before things go horribly awry.

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Comments 2498 Comments

Leandro Souza
2:10 why does luigi sound drunk in this part?
The Nintendo Guy
2:13 when I finally get the game
Joshua Lara
My Question Is: Why Is Mario Still Being Nice To Peach After What She Did At The End Of Odyssey? Anyway The Intro Looks Amazing And Beautiful.
sneakyjake games
Why let toad out of all people drive seriously why!!!
Dr. Mario's office
Also, why are there dislikes on this video?!
Monique Young-Martinez
The Polterpup is back and the Polterpup is happy too 😋😅
Dr. Mario's office
Man, this should be a Movie!! Great job Nintendo!!!
Eleanor Arias
Wait, where is Mario and the toads' luggage?
TCamilo N64
Mario you are tough, don’t make all those roads carry the luggage you fatass
what happened to polterpup's pupils?
Jarek [Zapzap]
TheOddDuck IDK

Peach still is upset about what happened on the moon-
Star Princess Of The Cosmic Galaxy
Well, count me in on the third game of Luigi's Mansion. 💖
Felicia Ström
Luigi: Wowie Zowie
Darion Dayson
Next Level Games animated this perfectly. Are they going to make the third Mario Strikers???
I love how Peach just goes “whoops haha, yahoo”
ByronDoesYT GameOver
Its kind of strange that luigi has pet that's a ghost and he is always hanging out with the dead like in the ending in dark moon its weird

Oh and it looked like mario wanted to walk peach to the hotel and she is like nope 1:39
LuigiDoll McShorts
Wowie Zowie.
“We shall never deny a guest,
Even their most ridiculous request”
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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Luigi's Mansion 3 - Full Opening 2 days ago   04:24

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