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Martin Scorsese On David Letterman | Al Pacino Interview On David Letterman - At Up-Tube.com

Martin Scorsese on David Letterman Al Pacino interview on David Letterman 8 months ago   13:26


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Mandar Bapat
Honest to his art.. jst watch how he says telling pesci story " the sound is there..." jst pure love n passion for his art..
Very good rapport between these two. They definitely enjoy talking to each other, you can tell.
I love how hard Scorsese is trying to be professional and like calm his grin. This really shows he's really happy with his work and proud that it reaches something in other people, a true inspiration and a legend!
Lol as Sorcesse got older he started talking like Joe Pesci
That time that David Letterman almost killed Martin Scorsese with laughter. He looked like he was in pain.
It’s wonderful to see the two of them enjoying each other. They would be great dinner guests. I think I’ll invite them over.
The woke guy
“The kid” he’s a respectable actor,Jonah hill, that is his name god damn
Lol Martin ordered for Jonah to get slapped cuz he was getting annoying (I would’ve done the same thing)
Jon Rosenlof
The movie master! King of cinema.
Sharon Yang
Martin so so cute and good storyteller , always enjoying his talking and interview
Leonardo Datore
He directed the short film Bad. That alone is enough to cement him a film legend.
Vince Niederman
Marty is a Awesome Guy Very Funny Person Would Love To Meet Him and Talk About Movies With Him Besides Having a Picture With Him To!
Zanetta Rose Jones
He's a natural storyteller, and hilarious & humble to boot. What a treasure. 😊
Doc Martn
Man.. Amazing! What a brilliant Guy! Detail to everything and his choice of music in all his movies is perfect! Just brilliance all around!
Nick Owens
I love how quick he was with that "Joe Pesci".
I just finished mean streets. This man is a genius.
Vince Niederman
I'm Shocked That Raging Bull was Not Clapped in This Interview One of Marty's Best Movies Even Though He's Not a Sports Fan!
oumayma TB
No jonah hill was hurt in the making of this film
lol even the intro song is gimmie shelter
Gimmie shelter at the begeining
Scoresese is a huge fan of this song
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Al Pacino interview on David Letterman Martin Scorsese on David Letterman 8 months ago   14:57

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