Top 10 Premier League Debut Goals Manchester United / First 201 Goals 9 months ago   05:40

Manchester United
In a week in which Manchester United have announced two new signings, we look back at ten of the best goals scored by United debutants. Featuring Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Romelu Lukaku, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and more. Which is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

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nomaan ahmed
They forgot about wayne rooney debut hattrick
ludbA nid-lerdaB
Where's Ronaldo he scored a free kick debut goal
Is martin tyler the best commentator?
Mapuia Vuite
Man loser
Nasrullah Muhammad
Van persie?
dantes peek
19.5 million pounds for nistelrooy, what a fcking joke. he would be 195 million today.
Dean O Rourke
What ever happened to JOSH HARROP ??
Top 10 premier league debut goals....
La galaxy
MALLU sport
You have only 1•5 subs but barca have 6•2 subs
CCRG aswad
Ammar Hussain
19 and a half million for a player of that much quality wow and know you got clubs asking for 200 million for some of their players
anshu shekhawat
Red potato tv
Where is ronaldo rooney and giggs?
Piece Of Stars
5:21 what i heard from outro is Chelsea... Chelsea.. Chelsea...
Tussy 33
Zlatan didn’t score a debut goal, the debut goal scored a Zlatan
mafuj hossain
Lukaku and Van Persie.
Your a united fan
Alexander 1995
The 17/18 kit jersey seems a convincing a reason to maybe make a decision on whether it’s a purchasable jersey to buy as compared to the retro 18/19 jersey
Samuel Adi Prasetyo
RvN against Van Der Sar
Harrison Wells
Not sure why do I still dislike Welbeck lol
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Manchester United / First 201 Goals Top 10 Premier League Debut Goals 9 months ago   17:22