2015 Chevy Colorado: Everything 2015 Chevrolet Colorado Review 1 day ago   08:00

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( http://www.TFLtruck.com ) The 2015 Chevy Colorado pickup truck is all new. But what about the new truck makes it so special. We get a rare look underneath the 2015 Chevy Colorado to see what GM did to improve it and the GMC Canyon in this wrong side up everything you ever wanted to know TFLtruck video.

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Danny Burnett
Did I miss something or besides the trailer hitch only ONE cross member on the frame?
Dean Gamelin
My daughter was about go go buy a new ZR2 and then we found out about the colorado frames braking in half and gm is telling people that's tough. It is all over the internet and gm is not recalling them. Not many people can just scrap a $40k truck after 5-8 years. Has gm done any thing to fix this? Lets see if you guys can give a honest answer.
Gerald Lucas
Gas mileage sucks! I have a 2017 V6 gets the same mileage as my 2012 Hemi Ram. The Ram was a hell of a lot fasted. And I put a Borla exhaust on it to try to improve mileage and performance, and found the factory exhaust is not stainless!
Leo Younis
Ugly and stupid
Charles Linthcun
Im 33, when i was 18 i bought a ford explorer. A 2001 four door model. The est. Mpg was 18 and 23. Here, its 15 years later this guy along with so many other manufactures and spokespersons are boasting fuel economy and mpg. Same with cars, trucks, etc. Its all a big lie.
paul lamont
Nice E-coated frame.
ian luigi Lastra
How to solve the duramax oil consumption?
Will Gustavo
The transmission is garbage. Cruising at 30 its sitting in 6th gear at 1k rpm... 2-2500 would be much better.
Shop Dog
i believe the technical term for those shutters is cowl flaps they've been around for about a hundred years now to control cooling air
Erik Hadinger
It looks like it has an aluminum driveshaft what a place to skimp for something that is going to be an off-roader and towing vehicle. Last Chevy I was off roading with had a rock dimple the driveshaft because it was aluminum and it twisted it up like a pretzel
Gary Dingleberry
paul lamont
But no skid plates and lots of hanging wires and plugs????????
paul lamont
Nice a box frame in a compact truck.
Martin Rivas
Is it me or does it look like a 2000s Toyota Tundra crew cab truck?
J Roger
Could a guy or a gal get under a new car and POR-15 it with a brush? Void warranty? Just wondering. Thanks
J Roger
On a trailer (like a boat) a "C " channel frame is preferred versus a Box frame. Why are they touting a Box frame as a bonus? Thanks for sharing.
We need the recall to fix the F14 fuse problem!!!!!
a very familiar position for those colorados
Robert Rockwell
i'm sick of 6 foot beds need a 8 foot also no rust proofing and a 8cyl.
Two Niner
Salesmen like this make me not want to buy their vehicle. This Chevy rep belongs on a used car lot.
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2015 Chevrolet Colorado Review 2015 Chevy Colorado: Everything 1 day ago   09:48

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