Ride the Ferrocarril Central Andino! CHEPE : FERROCARRIL CHIHUAHUA PACIFICO 2 days ago   42:49

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Riding the Central railway of Peru aboard GE C39-8 1027. We begin in Chosica which is the headquarters of the Central Andino, from there we weave through the dusty foggy outskirts on tracks recently rebuilt after the devastating floods in March 2017. At San Bartolome we turn the locomotive and head upgrade towards Matucana over the massive Puente Carrion and through many tunnels. Come along for the first part of our journey on the worlds most scenic railroad. Special thanks the FCCA for the amazing hospitality!
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gary larson
cant imagine track maintenance neverless derailments and the rock slides!!! must be some real good ore, would be awsome to video with a drone
Juan Carlos Gomez Molina
Me da envidia de la buena , aquí en Colombia hace muchos años acabaron con el tren , creo que somos el único país de SurAmerica que no tiene tren para pasajeros, sólo hay de carga el que transporta carbón de El Cerrejón para la exportación.
Grandma Fran
Good lord, those bridges !
Sonia Lee
Fantastic !!!!!!
tercer mundo
12.55 Plumber? at work left side.16.36 train graveyard on right.
Zaman Xahid
Same track in sehwan Sindh Pakistan
Mir Mor
Hermoso video. Aproveché y saqué fotos pantalla. Para ponerlas de fondo en mi celu. Saludos desde Argentina.!!!
Martin Usher
A beaut video. I would have liked to ride alongside the guys in the safety helmets (great views.) 🐨🇦🇺
Noel Kotela
Breathtaking views, I have to visit South America
william schenold
Meeting a downhill train? Can you see a runaway on that!!?
Milan Kanka
Prekrásne natočené video 😃😃😃😃.
Veľmi prekrásne natočené video 😃😃😃😃.
Perfektné super 😃😃😃😃😃.
Srdečne pozdravujem zo Slovenska 😃😃😃😃😃😃.
John H
If you saw scenery like this on a model railroad, you would think, "Very nice, but no one would be crazy enough to try to try to build a real rail line clinging to the side of a mountain like that." But obviously someone did it...... Incredible.
Sharif Khan Khan
Nice video good
Kannan pnk Appukann am
Beautiful train
romy Gime
Amazing The Andes impressive scenery so beautiful great panoramic views.  But why is so much smoke?  The poor people living in the one of the greatest and highest mountains of the world  and they are not breading fresh air
Marcin Kowalski
18:04, 20:24 cuts in interesting moments. why?
9:07 Toyota Avanza Made in Indonesia ternyata di ekspor juga sampai Peru
Sakura Nippon
転載支援 http://goo.gl/Iouqn 拡散中!!よろしく・・・(^0^)
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CHEPE : FERROCARRIL CHIHUAHUA PACIFICO Ride the Ferrocarril Central Andino! 2 days ago   15:12

En México, un ferrocarril único atraviesa el país en el indio rarámuri Sierra Madre Occidental.