SUPRA OWNERS CALLED OUT MY ZR1 TO RACE... Toyota Supra Vs. The World! Compilation 2 days ago   22:29

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The Bawcum
I really dont get it....silver supra....why tf does he keep with the rolling anti-lag EVERY SINGLE ROLLING LAUNCH...seemed very inefficient....brake boosting would work just fine if not better in these pulls
LFA 359
I think imo just keeping it real, the Supra is just too much hype.
Ram Tv
Tony Montana
A manual zr1 would've still beat those supras mike
Tony Montana
The reason I subbed: Corvettes
Jay Rodriguez
12:50 to save you time.
Eternal Thread
That Supra must’ve been spinning
Erik Zakharyan
Vs avendator would be fun to see. Great video overall!!
Epic Outdoors
I love at 17:00 u totally switch to race face lmao
Tanner Gamble
Wheres the cars and coffee at next and when is it man !?!
Jeff Singer
And he said bye bye 👋
Jon West
Supras suck ass
Chief Denis
Damn, gearbox really counts alot
John Smith
Nice to see a sheetz and chick fila in Mexico 😂
C. YeRa
Too soon junior!!....Welcome to Gapville!!🤣
Ur alarm going off in the beginning made me cringe
Corey Johnson
Yeah Auto has its perks. Longevity and ability/cost effective of Auto is shit compared to Manual. Each to their own...
Also manual cars do not suck, automatic drivers are dumb bad drivers... Nice electric lawn mower btw... I'm sorry sir your man card has been pulled.
If you're looking for a new editor that doesn't put Run #3 twice let me know. I gotchu.. Wow you really do need an editor... apparently counting from 1 2 3 3 4 is how you do it. both runs against the silver and the red super you've got two Run #3... Imagine how many subscribers you'd have if your editing was better.
Brandon Daniel
Race starts @13:00
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Toyota Supra Vs. The World! Compilation SUPRA OWNERS CALLED OUT MY ZR1 TO RACE... 2 days ago   08:01

Hey Guys! I decided to do compilation of Iconic Japanese Legend of Street Racing, Toyota Supra series.
I hope you like it..if so leave a like, comment or subscribe for more weekly content!

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