Jaboukie Young-White on Why Young People The Dutch Ditch Their Own Crazy-Haired 2 months ago   05:41

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Jaboukie Young-White, The Daily Show’s newest correspondent and actual young person, breaks down what’s keeping young people away from the voting booth.

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In Oregon we get to vote by mail. We should just do that everywhere.
Sarah Patricia
We young ppl are just lazy and have short attention span that’s why
This smug douchebag is the worst correspondent on TDS since Olivia Munn.
Andrew Bastow
really...this guy blows. his jokes are not witty or funny. he thinks he's on the show representing the youth in a good way...but in reality making our generation look even dumber than we are. Especially by saying "why would i spend my day off voting?"on national television.....has to be the most un-responsible, dumbest, stupid, childish, thing to could say to "represent our age group." you JABOUKIE can die in a fire....anddddddd American Vandal sucked.
Epiphany Johnican
Jaboukie is super cute ❤️❤️😍 (Idc if he's queer, I can still admire him!!! )
Sip Tea with Sam
He just made Park Chess sound fun.
Liz b
Jaboukie is hilarious intelligent and funny , true talent
help me
Uhm I've never been to oover javer
If I employed people I'd let them have at least a couple of hours to go and vote. With pay.
I wanted to vote but by the time I got home from doctor appointments I was in too much pain to go.
But I have voted in each presidential election since I turned 18 in 2000. My goal is to always do so.
George T. Khumalo
A millennial stereotype,... Nice, lol
Mind YourOwn
OMG us 80s babies are considered Vintage Young! 😆
Voting should be a National Holiday, columbus day should not. School had us going up for this man, and he was a whole ass monster...the betrayal.
Benjamin S.
Millions are NOT voting cause the choices suck.
#FuelTheBern #BernieSanders2020 #FeelTheBern
Hannah Lopez
That guest is not funny at all... Fair attempt tho
Hannah Lopez
Because we have better things to do... Not an American but I don't vote in Jamaica. Doesn't make much of a difference
Mafia bihh Haha
That nigga jaboukie his mama son soft ass boy
'Berto O. A.
How old is he? 23?
It’s only funny because young people always complain about how old people ruin everything but then they don’t do anything to help the matter, sometimes myself included – this week I couldn’t vote because I’m in a new state and I’m not registered to that state but still I felt really bad that I couldn’t vote.
q perry
Like Toyotathon🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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The Dutch Ditch Their Own Crazy-Haired Jaboukie Young-White on Why Young People 2 months ago   05:30

Far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders may have lost the Netherlands's race for prime minister, but the nationalism he espoused during his campaign prevails.

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