Jaboukie Young-White on Why Young People The Dutch Ditch Their Own Crazy-Haired 1 day ago   05:41

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Jaboukie Young-White, The Daily Show’s newest correspondent and actual young person, breaks down what’s keeping young people away from the voting booth.

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John-Joseph Baughman
I hate millennials
Yoe Lae
Not funny at all!!
Rising Phoenix
I believe young people don't vote because they don't believe their vote matters I know this because even though Hillary won the majority and I voted for Hillary we still got Trump. don't get me wrong Hillary came from a corrupt background and Trump may have been the wild card but if the Republicans wanted to win they should have backed a candidate that the youth would have supported
Several reasons why young people don’t vote or will not vote in the future:
A) don’t care.
B) not educated enough.
C) too lazy.
Mely Diaz
That kid was amazing
Wikan Hastuningdyah Budiharto
Wait, the election day is not a national holiday in US? Well Indonesia it is a national holiday, we get an ink mark in our finger as proof that we voted, and we can go to McDonald's, or Starbucks or KFC, Dominos or even Theme Park with a discount for a day. Just show your finger and ID.
Is this a comedy show?
Lawrence Fiorillo
I died haha XD
Ponmile Olaleye
This is really good!!!😘😘
Shadi Nachat
That kid looks like a meth high version of you
Firas Masadeh
This jabouki kid is annoying AF
Hassan Koiss
He looks gay,something wrong with him
If they made voting easier for young people all that crafted gerrymandering would go out the window.
Voting can ABSOLUTELY go digital with blockchain technology. Everything is independently verified, yet anonymous at the same time. Every vote is accounted for. The same way Bitcoin prevents users from double spending, you could prevent people from double voting. THIS COULD BE DONE.
Tell millennials that the internet's going to be slow down to 25 megabits per second and see how quickly they get up off their ass and vote!
I’m 20 & I wholeheartedly believe in voting. it makes me feel proud.. especially since not so long ago it was illegal for people of color & women to vote. being both of those makes me feel extremely fortunate to be able to do so. some countries don’t even hold elections.. 😔 so we should all do our civic duty & vote. period.
Nexus of ice
God I miss Jon Stewart... This guy has always been a terrible replacement.
Lola Babur Ali
I mean who cares....young people have more important things to do 😂
Julian Warmington
That young whipper snapper is a pretty funny lad.
kerry w
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The Dutch Ditch Their Own Crazy-Haired Jaboukie Young-White on Why Young People 1 day ago   05:30

Far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders may have lost the Netherlands's race for prime minister, but the nationalism he espoused during his campaign prevails.

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