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Crayola - Switching Industries | New Coke - A Complete Disaster? - At Up-Tube.com

Crayola - Switching Industries New Coke - A Complete Disaster? 4 months ago   10:28

Company Man
We all know Crayola for their crayons and art supplies, but you may be shocked to hear that's not how they started. They existed for years before ever producing a single crayon. This video talks about how they started and transitioned into the company we know today.

Also, how do you say crayon?

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Muntana Graham
they also make makeup as well .. it's not very good but i thought it should be mentioned (:
Remember Cra-Z-art or Rose art?
Random Stuffs
I say Cran, but my friend used to say "crown"
Great and informative clip! Thank you
One small flaw, towards the end the Earth rotates in the wrong direction
David Linehan
I care that it’s said properly!

I do not believe that there is enough room in this world to hold two or more ideas as to how a word should be (PRONOUNCED).

In the end (Cray-On) is by fare the most popular. To any opposers our reading this and disagree. Know I will argue with you till I die and will not accept any other way of pronouncing it.

Jennifer W
Are you saying 'crans'??? Does anyone else says 'crans'?? What in the world!! Is that a regional thing? Where I'm from, we say cray-ons. Just like its spelled. I've heard some say 'crowns' which also makes me cringe lol.

Ok now we are at the end, you are saying CRAN but you say you pronounce it as cray-on... You don't my dude.
Letters are there to be pronounced.
We need to get this lad to 696,969 subscribers

Edit: 610,000
do one on crazy art
Seth P
I wonder what the one weird kid who had crazy art crayons is up to now. Probably addicted to crack or something
maytheforce betrayyou

But you were definitely saying "cran" during most of this video lol
Christian Uy
speaking of pigments and education. can you do a topic about hagomoro fulltouch chalk
Jake Plays
What about the candy they make?
You know society has changed severely if you're saying Crayola as Crola
Chris Cooper, random man of music
Honk Honkler
I was one of the poors who got Cra-Z-Art crayons.
Rocket Number 9
There are kids who had RoseArt crayons. They had to grow up fast.
Matthew Campbell
On a sidenote an interesting example of something similar might be Nintendo. They were originally a playing card company, then they went into toys and various knick-knacks, before making video games.
Matthew Campbell
I'd argue it's not too big a leap. They were always in the business of making pigments, and that's an important ingredient in crayons. I'd say it's more accurate to say they changed their market niche than anything.
Izey Fro
I work in a school supplies packaging warehouse in Canada and I package thousands of their products a day
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New Coke - A Complete Disaster? Crayola - Switching Industries 4 months ago   11:19

In the 1980's Coca-Cola seemingly lost their minds when they completely changed the recipe of their soda. This video explores the incident and why it failed.

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