Brad Pitt Bid $120k For A Night When Celebrities Met Their Crushes 7 months ago   04:04

The Graham Norton Show
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I love Emilia so much, I always cheer up when I watch her 😄❤️
She is so cute
Rozerna roha
Why am I looking at Phoebe whole time .
Is it bad that I have no idea who the other 3 persons sitting with Emilia are?
101 Boo
Her hands are soooooo red it's weird
Hector De Jesus
I would bend the knee anytime. But not for what you think. I want to know this woman. That’s right. I’d bend the knee for friendship.
Thompter S. Hunson
She is the sweetest of all women. We don't deserve her.
II DeathXgoD II
That friend clearly doesn’t want to be just friends
Ballena Mark
I really love her Amelia......
Hannah Barnes
I was drinking water. I should know better while I watch Graham Norton 😂
Operation Black out
Was is her hand sooo red
football Stars company
i hate game of thrones
but id watch it just for her
shes a beauty and so cute
sergio pereira
she should stop her acting career to become a stand-up comedian, she knows how to get the public involved and she's great at it.
ONLY $120k???
Colin Owen Griffin
so much for METOO! classic!
N8one _
The whole time she's talkin all I see is eyebrows.... Absolutely incredible
TviT Ninee Kikson
The woman sitting next to her looks like she dressed up for open heart surgery.
The woman next to Emilia is Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and she played the angry female robot L3-37 in the Star Wars film, 'Solo'. Beyond that, she is an absolute GENIUS; she created and wrote much of 'Killing Eve', and writes and stars in 'Fleabag', and co-wrote the script for the upcoming Bond film, 'No Time to Die'. I am sapiosexual and I'm in love with her. There, I said it...
Podrick Payne
Shes so chill
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When Celebrities Met Their Crushes Brad Pitt Bid $120k For A Night 7 months ago   12:12

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