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Vinyl Wrap A 2019 Scat | 2019 Scatpack Grille And Catless - At Up-Tube.com

Vinyl Wrap a 2019 Scat 2019 Scatpack Grille and Catless 1 day ago   18:07

Shut Yer Face Garage
2019 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack 392. Jimmy's new ride. We decided to try doing a satin black vinyl wrap on the hood.

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Scat Pack Twane
Man looks awesome. I’m thinking about doing this to my car. Never wrapped anything before though so I’m a littler nervous lol. I have a 19’ as well so the hellcat hood is a little intimidating lol
Nice car
hey matt...is that the trick on how to do a wrap is have people hold it out flat ,as jim heats the wrap?(i never have had any body to help me),may b what i am doing wrong,then again i still think i suck at doing a wrap,thanks for the video
JIM is the MAN i am here to tell u,i have tried many,many tymes to wrap and i just plain OOOoooooo suck at it,i cant even get it to look half way nice.
Looks good, but I still think it would have been easier to buy a different hood and just paint it
Jim is so talented
J. Mora
Wow, that's a lot of work 👍
more good stuff from the SYF Garage. i was nervous just watching all that...turn out REAL nice i like it! thanks for the video and IF Jim has some extra time
Matt Haney
I didn't know you and Jim RAP :) hahaha.... You guys did a great job for a first time in my opinion. I have never done it either so I cant talk, but it did look a bit challenging.
Looks good!
The Paint Shack
Nice ride jim
Ghetto Wagon
HYDROGRAPHICS... well not quite
that really looks good guys shows off the lines better
Came out pretty sweet mates.
Greg's Garage
Where's Victor??
Bucks WoodShop
Pretty cool
David Philbrick
NICE!!!! Should have got the 2019 red eye hellcat, $$$$$$$$$$$
Jerry's This and That
Nice ride Jim. Holy pain in the bubble wrap Batman. #jimwraps
Good Old Mike's Garage
I can't get a screen protector on my phone without a few bubbles....nice work guys!
SW Customs
Looks really good guys
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2019 Scatpack Grille and Catless Vinyl Wrap a 2019 Scat 1 day ago   08:29

Looking better courtesy of eastcoastmoparts.com .

And sounding better courtesy of my bro Allen. He has a stroker hellcat and just picked up a cts-v. I encourage you all to follow him down below.