Meryl Streep | Meryl Streep's Shakira || Shakira House Tour 1 day ago   03:22

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Meryl Streep | Meryl Streep's House Tour In Los Angeles-2019(Inside & Outside).

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Valerie Small
Harsh, lifeless...probably doesn’t live there.
bimba- lola
i love this house very simple but Elegant house,,wall painting so soft n cool give you relaxing ,,
Iggy Barrato
A house not a home.
Das ist sehr unrealistisch.. sieht völlig unbewohnt aufgeräumt..
Connie Charley
Not cozy too modern .
Karl Oli
not hers.
definately not hers.
Beverley Jouannet
Cris Clemente
A charm os house😍
Maureen Maureen
It’s beautiful..I’d love to go there 💛
Silvia Arevalo
Boring, everything is brown, sad, sterile lifestyle !
Gee EffDee
Love this house.
Really nice home but not keen on the kitchen, reminds me of the 1970's. Rest of the home is lovely though.
cynthia reynolds
This channel posts real estate photos of celebs' homes that they got at some time when the property was for sale.
Joanna Riquelme
No es como yo lo imaginaba, parece casa piloto,no creo que sea de Meryl
Nita Looney
I love Streep as an actress, but Not the house. It is far too sterile and has no color or decoration at all! It does not looking inviting nor lived in! I cannot believe someone with her talents and abilities would choose such an ugly decor.
Ber P.
OH , look! It's one of the hoypeloy to show us around the humble homes of the other come-from-nothings!
And with one of those looks on her face that we know from her movies! That is so reassuring, It would have been confusing to learn there were a variety of them!
Judith Nelson
Beautiful, but sterile! In other words BORING.
Where are the Oscars? :)
Joey Wang
Super a 1950s way. Do humans actually inhabit these boxes? Is this house for sale? There are no dishes in the kitchen, no towels in the bathrooms. Bizarre. Does Streep approve of this video?
jennie Devereaux
Looks like a catalogue house 😄😂🤣
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Shakira || Shakira House Tour Meryl Streep | Meryl Streep's 1 day ago   03:37

Shakira || Shakira House Tour In Miami Beach(Inside & Outside)

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