39 Exceptional Photographic Portraits From Oldest photographs in the world 2 days ago   08:21

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Trollin since 79
How stunning is 4:49
This era is of immense interest to me - firstly, because I am a huge fan of the "Flashman" series of books, whose protagonist/anti-hero, Harry Paget Flashman (a fellow Paget - no doubt a collateral ancestor...) is first introduced incident to the First Afghan War of 1839-42. Secondly, I find that the 30-40 years following the end of the Napoleonic Wars (very much a "World War" itself, spanning the globe and involving every major and many minor powers of the time) so closely parallels the 40 or so years following the end of WWII (my era, in short). Both were the beginning of something wholly new (tho' it may not have been quite so apparent to the peoples of the times), with the nascent industrial revolution of the first half of the 19th C. paralleling the information age/computer age revolution of our own time. And their era, much like our own, would shortly see its certainties challenged, the way the new century has changed and challenged our own. Their challenges and circumstances were, in so many ways, like our own, in short, with much to teach us about our own time.

These photographs bring an immediacy to that era that paintings cannot. These were real people, now long gone, with hopes and fears and desires and expectations, and we actually get to look into their faces for a clue to them and their world, and through them, some insight into our own.

Thank you.
The world's first recorded photobombing. 0:35
Jeff Smith
Noting the location where the pictures were made would add much to the presentation...
Not one smile in sight and very few looking at the camera
The 1840's wasn't a good decade for ladies hair fashions.
Ramakant sharma
Time is going so fast 😢
Уцкхек Шакерман
Все враньё
Lots of child brides here.
Olorin Mithrandir
I wonder if any of them are still alive.
Captain Yorkie YT
The first photo bomb
CzechAmnesiaGames // Sabatu
kind of strange looking at those photos when realise, no one is alive over 50 or more years .
Miss Munro was quite attractive.
Елена Киселева
1.51 какое чудесное лицо! И глаза!
C 17
In some years these pictures are 200 years old. Can think this is real.
Jason Palacios
The Ms. Munro woman at 3:45 looks like Alexis Bledel from the Traveling Pants movie.
L Coop
Fantastic video!! I thank you for putting this together. Love it, love it, love it!!!
Suzi Smith
I was just reading what others have said. I'm 65....I went to school with Edgar Allen Poe's granddaughter. How freaky is that! You never know who you will meet , what history makers, or world events you will witness or be a part of. I believe its important to tell "your story ". Ask questions of your family members and tell the story on their behalf. Dont let it die with them. Keep their mementoes, its important for family connection especially if they come from another country. We are all history makers.
I can't imagine Lady Eastlake at 2:34 feeling very confident, after that sitting.
In 20 years some of these will be 200 years old! 200! Absolutely mind boggling!🤯

What does the future 200 years from now hold? How will our future people look at us?‼️
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Oldest photographs in the world 39 Exceptional Photographic Portraits From 2 days ago   02:47

Here you can see the oldest photographs in the world. The people lived in a world without electricity, cars, aeroplanes and trains were just invented
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