Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Tour Monster Energy: Kurt Busch 5 months ago   05:22

Dale Earnhardt Jr. gives a behind-the-scenes tour of JR Motorsports.

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The crazy thing is that this huge facility is relatively small compared to the major cup programs
Dale olson
Backround music junked video
George Fonda
pretty Coolio
Daniel Ashworth
Back before Keselowski switched to driving for The Captain. Wow this is old lol
carla gentry
Very nice!!! I would love to see this someday.
Where's the watercooler in the break room?
Gontran Gonzales
dale looks like he just got up from bed lol
Jordan H
I hate danica why did you do it?
I went on a vacation this year and I had a private tour of the place.
Ace Wilcox
My Best Buddy & I Went on a Behind the Scenes tour of the Garage Area & The Facility of JRM Back In October With Kerry & Kelley Earnhardt. It was Amazing.
Brandan Lowes
All owned by junior, only thing is they use Hendrick engines now
Half and half
Scott Allen
I was there... just check my photos on facebook!!....
Tom Graham
This is pretty sweet. Dale Earnhardt Jr has his own Cameo Star and now you can send Jr. to your friends on Facebook!
Have you guys seen the Raisin' Junior webisode series?
that would be cool one day if jr can take jr motorsports to the cup level, and awesome job taking the #3 to victory lane for the final time
That is so awesome! I hope i can shop at JR motorsports one day. :)
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Monster Energy: Kurt Busch Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Tour 5 months ago   09:50

Kurt Busch races 36+ races a year and only has two off weekends in a grueling NASCAR season, the longest in professional sports.
Check out Kurt and fiancé Ashley van Metre’s lakeside retreat and get a glimpse into the crib and whips of one of NASCAR’s biggest stars.