Trump's 'Angst' on China Could Escalating China-U.S. tensions hit Silicon 2 days ago   06:06

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Jun.12 -- Jim O'Neill, chair at Chatham House, discusses the prospect of a U.S.-China trade agreement and his concerns about the U.S. economy. He speaks with Bloomberg's Francine Lacqua on "Bloomberg Surveillance."

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Austin Lee
Everything was moving well. I can't understand this issues of Trade wars of Donald Trump. Trump is starting a war he cannot finish.
Fuck this drunk O'Neil above. Trump is picking on China???! China has been stealing intellectual property for decades as well as manipulating their currency. Fuck this drunk asshole!!
Joel M
Trump is getting desperate as of 6/18/19. He desperately call Xi today so he can meet with China in the G20 Summit. Otherwise China was going to snub him and Trudeau. If US continue, it would be US's suicide.
No need to get anyone angry on the comments! It will only bring hate which is what they want the population to do, hate by dividing each race, this is what they want and we shall not fall into their traps
Politicians of US are personally invested in "Made in China". They cannot stand that Trump has busted their greed. Voters will always be with Trump.
Walter Black
Trump has split the world into an anti-China half and a pro-China half. The problem is, in the next decade and beyond, all of the growth, innovation, and population growth is happening in the pro-China half. The anti-China half will experience slow and inevitable decline in all those areas.
Trump is like thanos! But we all know how it ends!
Hans Weissman
Could it be, Trump got confused between China and Japan? It's all Asians after all.....
Trump probably just wants to take the republicans hostage for their backing in the 2020 elections. Nearer the elections, if he doesnt get support from the reps, he's going to threaten to go "full retard"?
Choi Sha
The USA is telling China to Get the fuck -Off.
Until they learn not to vheat and steal from America.
Hendrawan Jaya
Gordon Chang where r uuuuu!!!!! u said easy win right????
Shek-tim Ng
The US is " riding on the tiger back", It won't be able to step down until the tiger toss it off!! America will face a financial ruin if not a complete break down!! Donald Trump: please have a U turn, otherwise you will cause havoc not just to the US but also many other economies!!
Joseph Lin
I bet no deal while Trump is in power.
Rick Hyne
The damage created by one man will affect the USA for many years regardless of who the US has as a president.
Melvin Hunt
We have been in a Angst for 25 years thanks to you DO NOTHING democrats. We finally have a REAL President who is doing YOUR JOB!
Jin Soon Chin
This US trying another "opium war" but this time China is not weak to giveup and let US bully.
America is in a shit hole today because it's past leaders sold the US out to the globalists who sent their factories to China to enjoy the slave wages there. Trump came 30 years too late to save America. It would take 20 years to turn America around but only if every American understands that the Made in America brand is the only way to go.
Kelvin SC Tan
The fight is on. Politically it is very difficult for any of these two leaders to back down.
Uncle Putin
Bloomberg is the US mouthpiece of the CCP. Why? Because they are heavily invested in China and totally conflicted. This guy is an unbelievable idiot. He's not sure what the purpose is of keeping a totalitarian dictatorship from becoming a superpower? Did those words actually come out of his mouth? Ask Hong Kongers what they think the purpose is. Take a close look. It is conflicted morons like this who got us into the present predicament. The fact that there are dozens of Xi trolls giving this guy the thumbs up shows just what an absolute ass he is.
Brits in Crete
So you trust the word of a communist power? Right, live in your own world then not the real one I am in.
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Escalating China-U.S. tensions hit Silicon Trump's 'Angst' on China Could 2 days ago   06:08

Tensions between the U.S. and China are rising, and Silicon Valley is feeling the effects. A new article in the Wall Street Journal titled "Chinese Cash That Powered Silicon Valley Is Suddenly Toxic" takes a closer look at U.S. startups and their relationship with Chinese investors. This comes as the Trump administration cracks down on China's involvement in U.S. intellectual property. Wall Street Journal reporter Rolfe Winkler joined CBSN to discuss his findings.

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