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TBH I think Jay (and Mike, to a lesser degree) is being unduly harsh here. Sandra Bullock acted really well, and I didn't find that the nonlinear narrative ruined it entirely. Plenty of acclaimed films have nonlinear narratives and have worked, and I think there's value in learning how exactly something happens, even if you know it does. Is Bird Box a flawed film? Of course. Is it as bad as they say it is? I don't think so.
I blame Memes. I think the studio some how taped into the Meme Market and tricked everyone into thinking they should care.
J. H. Savage
Potentially demonetized/taken down for doing this challenge even though it's staged.
Loaded up on Botox is more like it.
Alex Ray-Weber
nice job trashing the set
Andrew Braun
I love Jay's "he's going to knock down a wall or camera" face. 0:55
This reminds me of an SCP that I read.
My body belongs to Jay but my heart belongs to Rich
elagua jdo
John Malkovich was RIGHT.
Trevor Wellington
ya word on apostle
Frank Calisch
Meh... I found it enjoyable
As Jon Tron put it, "You gave me the fuckin' final destination of all the characters I might love, you lunatic."
This film needed Stephen King...
I thought they named the children "Boy" and "Girl" so that if they had real names, other people who may also be named that might be called out for? Wow, that doesn't make a lot of sense written down.
no links to the clips used?
That ending punchline benefitted from never being explained.
The Blazing Sloth
It's poetic in a way. Watching videos of the bird box challenge makes you want to kill yourself, just like the movie
Chris Huergo
The criminally insane were sociopaths/psychopaths, so they lacked empathy. They see the thing, the thing goes into their heads, and...nothing going. One of us, one of us. In other words, they were completely unaffected by the whole ordeal - they were themselves but free, not only from their prison, but also from the rules of society. Same with British guy...he acted normal, because that's what they're used to doing: social mimicry (think Dexter Morgan). It's the only aspect of the movie that made any sense to me, totally not a sociopath...
Luís Matos
Did they had the Audacity of naming genders to the kids in 2018??? Where is all the LGBTQABCDEF ranting about that??
Sarah Paulson is not awesome. Terrible over actor imo.
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Half in the Bag: Life and Power Half in the Bag Episode 157: Bird 2 weeks ago   37:35

Mike and Jay talk about two wonderful new films while Jay prepares his vows for his gay wedding with a syphilitic elderly man who hasn't showered in 7 years and has disgusting genital warts on his decades old fecal encrusted taint.