Half in the Bag Episode 157: Bird Half in the Bag: Life and Power 2 months ago   23:23


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Independent Record
I haven't seen this movie, but I know it's bad just based of the premise. It's far too similar to 'The Happening' to be good.
Fredd Marshall
Fuck I love Rich Evans
Reg Eric
Mr. Plinkett is really dangerous, he can push the wall of his house like if they were made out of cardboard.
I would liked a version of scientists forcing babies to look at them or not letting people kill themselves for science
Jinjo Bread
18:32 Harming children for attention. Awesome. Can't wait for the bombs to drop and we're all wiped out.
Tristan Fuller
Hahahhaa he couldn't come up with a joke for the blind justice lady and so
... Rimshot
Dextee Guth
0:54 the wall moved
M. XxHaveMercyxX
I Liked the movie very much .
Sandra Bollocks
Ergo Proxy
Everyone! Please read the book!!!
I love that when rich is breaking things you can see the left wall of the set almost collapse
Shinji Ikari
This one flew (HA) right past me. I saw a couple of jokes about it and assumed it was either a podcast or a shitty anime. My boyfriend saw it and ranted about how terrible it was for like an hour just when i was about to check it out. I never saw it. I watched YMS talk about it and it looked about what i imagined it would be. Generic “””horror””” movie that in no way deserves the hype it had. No one will remember this in a few months. I never saw it.
Rickety Cricket
"Mom Horror".

Yeah. Pretty much Bird Box in a nutshell.
For me the worst part of the movie was finding out that there were two adults alive during the five year gap in the movie, because Sandra Bullock's boyfriend liked kids and it didn't make sense that he went along with her making all the decisions
Spook is Back
I watched this hoping they would at least mention it's Lovecraftian vibe. Seeing something so unbelievable it drives you mad, those who have witnessed it and connect with the entities experience great insight. They said they didn't understand the monster but I think that's the entire point, we couldn't understand. It sounds like a lame excuse but I do feel like there are way better movies that do this without being a mess.
Floyd Palmer
2:59 wtf?? Hold your cup against the goddamn coffee pot, and move the cup up against the spigot as you start to pour. Hold your thumb at the level of the cup and pour slowly so you'll feel it when it reaches the level you want.
Christopher Lewis
0:51Mr. Plinkett almost knocked over the wall, guy doesn't know his own strength.
Ukleti Holandjanin
if your WHITE, y be crazy by movie, congrats
Intel Kore
I'm so disappointed in myself for watching this man act like a woman.
something I thought of while watching this: yeah, it's easier to "walk out" of a netflix video as opposed to a sit-down theater experience you paid for, but consider how many people will just leave some shit running on netflix while walking in and out of the room and doing other stuff, not really giving a damn about the movie and say they watched it at the end. I wonder how many people of those supposed 45 million just let the movie play in the background and kind of tuned in for people getting killed or whatever.
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Half in the Bag: Life and Power Half in the Bag Episode 157: Bird 2 months ago   37:35

Mike and Jay talk about two wonderful new films while Jay prepares his vows for his gay wedding with a syphilitic elderly man who hasn't showered in 7 years and has disgusting genital warts on his decades old fecal encrusted taint.