nofx jamaica's alright if you like NOFX- Whoops I Od'd 5 months ago   04:25


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Oliver Williams
its a type of cover of fear's classic new york's alright. lighten up.
Marija Manic
Pankerica :))))))))))
Guido Parco
I 8 gays n their dribbly bum holes. Fuckin looosers. :0
Don Gawgon aka Soweto Indigo
So NOFX, being aspiring rudebwoys, went outta the tourist areas as recommended and had a bad experience? You shouldve seen Jamaica before all the World bank and IMF austerity measures and US setting up their cocaine bases in the late 80s... I grew up there and it was a paradise up till the early 90s. But if NOFX dont like Jamaica so much... maybe they should stop playing Jamaican music...first step:) ... Jamaica/jamaicans invented, ska dubstep, ska punk, reggae and hip hop... at the very least, so if nothing else Jamaica is alright for giving NOFX a career.

n btw... Im not a homophobe( not afraid of anybody) but men needing to wear ass sanitary pads because they wear out their assholes poking around in there is just nasty and crazy. Jamaicans dont like gays because...duh, being gay is NOT what nature intended, its a product of chemical poisoning and hormonal imbalances to the fetus...research how bisphenol A and atrazine mimic estrogen turning male frogs into female frogs and real men into men wit leaky anuses... with all that said, my philosophy is live and let live... but never accept that which is NOT natural.
Fuckin' homophobes
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