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Soaring Camera
Aerial footage of Brown University in celebration of Brown's 250th birthday & the Class of 2014's graduation. Shots were taken with a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ quadcopter, with a gimbal-mounted 1080p camera. Subscribe now to stay tuned for future aerial videos! Filmed/Edited by Tyler Benster. Music by Brown University Orchestra (Beethoven's Ninth: Molto vivace).

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Dalton Agrônomo
Here in Brazil, our educational system is terrible.

My congratulations to Brown university.
why does brown even bother to have sports teams, honestly. Be a nice and quiet academic haven. thats all that matters.
The Dudest
Nah mate..That's Yamaku Academy
College Admissions Review
Beautiful campus!
So beautiful.
Ron Alcalay
Cool.  I especially liked going through Faunce arch.  
..... I hope you have a nice fat liability policy flying that close to people. 
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The Northwestern Video Brown from the Sky 3 months ago   03:50

After a full nine months of filming, over 100 gb of data and hours of editing, we are pleased to present our 2015 Northwestern Video! This amazing university is home to over 8,000 undergraduate students from all over the world. See it here like you've never seen it before.

Music credit: Shots by Imagine Dragons