Four cheapest cars in America: Here's the 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage 9 months ago   06:48

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Greg Nixon
The average curb weight of a vehicle in the US is 4000 pounds. The Spark weighs 2250 pounds. I am concerned with my safety if I get smacked by a Pilot, an F-150, or a Sienna.
the mirage seems to win hands-down on its rough-pavement ride smoothness, as well as fuel economy.
William Baker
I own A 2013 Chevrolet Spark and love it and Was curious about them for a long time Since they first came out on the market ,a friend let me text drive his and Was pleased for a 98 hp it had power so when my 2006.Hyundai Accent timing belt it was done for then now I have my Spark I love it and love driving it
Ronald de Rooij
Alex, I think you did the Mirage no justice. It is a way better quality car in the long run with way lower running cost and best warranty.
You can get a 2019 LS manual Spark right now for under 12k. What an awesome price.
George R.
Babylyn Penaranda
Don't even think about getting the CVT transmission. $2,000 hand grenade!
I really wanted a lime or mint green Spark, but I think my 2009 Ford Focus SE is actually better quality than a Spark. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Wasn’t the Ford Fiesta available in 2014? I bought one in 15 for only $12,000

*The Chevy Spark is offered with a traditional automatic transmission, but they are super rare, and nearly always have the turbo engine.
I guess you didn't put the Micra in the lot because it would have put the others to shame.
Howard Kerr
Sorry, but I disagree right from the start. Really, some TYPE of value enters into the equation on ALL vehicle purchases. The Rolls-Royce or Range Rover? Most of the buyers/owners put a value on what these vehicles say about them. And yes, buyers of the 4 cars under $15,000 are shopping with some eye towards value. They value the idea of having a car that hasn't had any of its life driven out of it yet. They value the new car warranty they get compared to a 2 or 3 year old Hyundai.
Saurabh Sinha
spark is by cheverlet company it also launches 2 seater cars so its nice stupid
Man, you are so wrong about the value of a mitsubishi compared to a Nissan! You do know that Mitsubishi was a competition to BMW/Mercedes back in the days? You do know that KIA/Hyundai and many others do use engines build by Mitsubishi right? You can not compare a stupid shitty Renault (because since 1999 Nissan ist just that) to a japanese vehicle! The renault will brake and the other won't! So this is why there is a difference between Nissan and Mitsubishi in the price tag. So please, do your homework and stop talking bulshits. You can buy the cheapest car but you will pay a lot more afterwards, or you can give $800 more and be sure that you will have a reliable vehicle that you've paid for
Bill Carson
Mitsubishi offers one of if not the best new car warranties in the business !
Mirage by far. Ive seen too many 15 year old Mitsubishis on the highway still going strong versus these other brands. The 3cylinder matches up much better with a CVT IMO.
Gabe Lee
love my SPARK
nebojsa majstorovic
I totally disagree with you regarding the Mitsubishi Mirage it is to maybe two thousand more in a Nissan Versa but there's only one that comes with the 10 years 160000 kilometers
Panos Coach
Excellent, reasonable and down to earth review sir.
Sergio S. Huerta
Versa has multi port injection. There is an injector before the intake valve and an injector after the intake valve.
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Here's the 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage Four cheapest cars in America: 9 months ago   08:54

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