Four cheapest cars in America: Here's the 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage 2 months ago   06:48

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Gabe Lee
love my SPARK
nebojsa majstorovic
I totally disagree with you regarding the Mitsubishi Mirage it is to maybe two thousand more in a Nissan Versa but there's only one that comes with the 10 years 160000 kilometers
Panos Coach
Excellent, reasonable and down to earth review sir.
Sergio S. Huerta
Versa has multi port injection. There is an injector before the intake valve and an injector after the intake valve.
Piersandro Mannino
I rather get a 2 years old Corolla or Civic rather than this crap 😂
Old Hollywood- NBC Mr. Hahn
2019 January

I purchased a 2019 Chevy Spark base 5 speed transmission, air conditioning.

$ 9,995 for car with Chevy Rebate. With my state tax and dealership fees $ 10,130.65 OTD. Los Angeles California USA 🇺🇸

For a brand new car at 10K I'm pleased.
I ❤ Mitsubishi
I remember years back you could get a new hyundai accent/kia rio for less than $10k. Respectively, it was a true bare bones car that didnt even come with a stereo (you could pay an extra $1,000 or so for it though). If i had to choose, id probably get the mirage sedan with the manual transmission (i dont like cvts).
Kash Animous
Just saying my local dealer has about 5 left over mirages and they're all marked down to $11,000. I'm sure you could even talk them down from there.
Douglas Fox
Death Traps !!!
Douglas Fox
Nissan Versa #1 for Money...the others look like 1/2 a car Chit Box
I think Versa makes the most sense here . It has the biggest engine and the most amount of space to accommodate 4 passengers and a driver and its the least expensive.
Quality and reliability wise I think Nissan should be better than Mitsubishi or Smart, and even with Chevy.
D Rietveld
Rediculous comparison. But then probably you must be European to understand design and lifestyle. I agree that the Smart automatic gearbox was lousy at the time, since a couple of years there is a 5 speed dual clutch gearbox which is great. Anyway, nobody in Europe who would possibly buy a Smart would consider the other three cars as a competitor. Comparing these for cars means that you have totally no clue what you are talking about.
Joann Anderson
my mirage has just saved me in a high impact head on crash, front of my little beast took all the impact and I received a sore shoulder and slight whiplash. Impressed but the little beast was a write off, Get a new one next week through insurance, yay.
stephan burgess
The Mirage is a great car. Far better than the Spark as you call it. The Spark has been so disappointing in Australia that Holden who are the distributors have discontinued it. The Nissan was never bought to the Australian market. Mitsubishi are against Honda and Hyundai here. The sedan was less popular and is no longer available which I know is still selling well in the US and Canadian markets as well as the Asian markets. I d go the Mirage for the city drive anytime.
Dana H
Google CVT problems. That will tell you all you need to know.
Wyatt Barrett
I got my car for 2300, guess it is the cheapest vehicle in america
Daniel Cannata
The Chrysler 300 is my dream car. Particularly the older models with their 2 double headlight shape. It is a sexy-ass car, reasonably priced for a new one.
I'll have one for sure once im living big and can afford to upkeep its dreadfullly high maintenance.
Get a year old corolla for a couple grand more these are junk
Juan Carlos Font
I like the mirage 2018👍 got a good deal$ gas saver.
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Here's the 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage Four cheapest cars in America: 2 months ago   08:54

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