Ariel Helwani speechless with Besides Zion, which 2019 2 days ago   06:42

Treavor Scales, Peter Rosenberg, Ryan Hollins and Ariel Helwani provide their reactions to the NBA draft lottery which revealed the New Orleans Pelicans getting the No. 1 pick. Helwani is at a loss for words that the New York Knicks didn't get the top pick and miss out on drafting Zion Williamson. Rosenberg, Hollins, Helwani and Scales discuss what the No. 1 pick means for the Pelicans moving forward and if it will change the fate of Anthony Davis. After being initially speechless, Helwani flips the script and looks on the positive side for the Knicks as he comes up with a plan that the team will draft RJ Barrett and sign both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

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who is watching this in June?
Charles Dead
ariel is a sports rabbi
Kawhi Leonard
With the 3rd overall pick, the knicks select : krzwyskilov shiskabobwillinov from whatafuckastan
Ryan Ho LL ins, what a JOKE ASS CLOWN!! 🤣
william carter
N both drafts the NYCers got the shaft an got a SHUT YO MAUF moment !! Not a good year to a NY fan...
Scuffed Drake
2 black guys, A Jew and a Ariel walks into a bar.....
Dana White def gave this a thumbs up! LMFAO!!! He hates Ariel!!
All knick fans looking like goodzs after cassidy 30 him YEAAAAAHHHHHHHH 5002-0
Peter Petigrew
Ariel Helwani does not know anything about basketball...................
Yusuf Jones
The #1 pick is the best in the draft like 3 out of 10 times lol. Giannis was 15th, Kuzma was 27, Jokic was 41st, Embiid was 3rd, Luca was 3rd, Donovan Mitchell was 14th I think Kawhi was like 12th or 13th. Everyone acting like the 1st pick is all that, when most the time, the best player is not at the top of the draft.
Yusuf Jones
I fucking love Ariel
Best energy I’ve seen from a knicks fan in like a month
voi puk
looks like u dont get rj
Revit UpNow
No wonder the NBA can’t even break a 10 share finals tv finals ratings with a shit draft like this rewarding small market teams
Why are so many NYKnicks fans making this about them. Sheesh, grow up.
What Ever
How'd they afford to have Kanye on here?
M Realzola
How do these 4 bums host a show
Lit As fuck doe
As soon as the Knicks were talking about using that #1 pick to get AD I knew they fucked up....and the fact that New Orleans got the pick...never disrespect the basketball gods 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
There was a 14% chance NYK got Zion. That means it was a 86% chance they would not. Getting your hopes up for that was delusional. It's like expecting Shaq to make 5 free throws in a row. Ain't gonna happen very often.
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Besides Zion, which 2019 Ariel Helwani speechless with 2 days ago   06:51

Jay Williams joins Jalen Rose and David Jacoby to analyze the top college basketball prospects aside from the Duke Blue Devils' Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish heading into the 2019 NBA draft. Headlined by Murray State Racers player Ja Morant, Williams also includes Bol Bol of the Oregon Ducks, the Virginia Cavaliers' De'Andre Hunter and Rui Hachimura of the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

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