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The Man Who Discovered Harry Potter - Bbc News | A Conversation Between Jk Rowling And Daniel - At Up-Tube.com

The man who discovered Harry Potter - BBC News A Conversation between JK Rowling and Daniel 1 day ago   04:31

BBC News
In 1996, after many rejections, author JK Rowling at last finds a publisher for her first Harry Potter novel. Witness talks to editor, Barry Cunningham, who spotted the boy wizard's potential and helped create a phenomenon that would revolutionise childrens' book publishing, selling more than 450 million copies.

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Golden rat inside a polokyia new book is out check out guys it's a cool fiction available in amazon
Kim Tassen
I thought it was gonna be a parody
Delta StormZ
I just found out harry is bisexual
You should have labelled the title 'the man behind Harry Potter'.
You know how you leftist love gender swapping things and making out that the person behind the person was far more important than the one that created the story.

Oh wait, that only works one way.
Jacob Arnold
JK Rowling just revealed he is a transgender black man who had sexual relationships with Dumbledore and that's how he actually came across Harry Potter
"After many rejections"
Kieran O'Dwyer
Entire Harry Potter Series: 10 years
Winds of Winter: Just shy of 8 years and counting...
Tomás Roma
The Harry Potter books are very good but I can understand why publishers may have initially rejected it. They had a very different style to child books at the time and they are riddled with plot holes and conveniences. Especially book 1! However, the whole environment and how the characters interact makes you barley notice them.
Kevin Ang
He was intrigued by the friendship of the characters, the majority of people who read the books are intrigued by magic and the world setting. Doesnt it seems like all these publisher dont know what they are doing or rather dont know what the masses want?
Big Tony
I like this dude. He seems like a fun guy
Jon Moore
Humor has it that JK Rowling used her magic powers to turn him gay
first Impression
The only problem about this real story is that now a lot of terrible writers think that being rejected over and over again means they are actually great writers...lol
Yashodhan Manerikar
I'm sorry I just can't stop looking at his eyebrows
mirka narika
I was part of the whole mania and it was awesome. Standing in line for the book and finishing it and immediately wanting the other one
Miksss Mik
Just forget the fact that he initially just planned to print 500 copies because he thought that it wouldn't sell well and that JK Rowling isn't dirt poor. At the time of writing she had 12,000 pounds to her name
Life; The Tragic Comedy
That book in the thumbnail has terrible cover art. It doesn’t capture anything about the series.
Rhythmic Movements
This man is Not a muggle for sure!
EDH 1970
thank goodness he did !
Vincent Gurus
Thank u Barry! We love you
super emma
Thank you man for my childhood 😚
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A Conversation between JK Rowling and Daniel The man who discovered Harry Potter - BBC News 1 day ago   53:04

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