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Start exploring Jamaica with Lonely Planet’s video guide to getting around, when to go and the top things to do while you're there. For more travel tips, head to

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Latoya Wiss
I honestly just came here to see where the Famous Talented Dalton Harris came from❤
Julio de Sa
The ocean is so beautiful. great video. I have traveled to many countries in the Caribbean. Jamaica was one of my favorite places, it is incredibly beautiful. I recommend you DO go to Chukkahs. Check out on my channel! Not annoying typical videos, just music and sights :)
Adrian Swaby
Devils Pie
Jenna Conlin
there also a lot of poulution so fuck off its not all good ok FUCK OFF YOU SON OF A BITCH
Jenna Conlin
did you forget about all the poor people some people in jamaica dont even know there buetiful parts do FUCK YOU BICH!!!
Lavonia Duda
Really enjoyed it. :)
Teag Brohman GDC
Hermes Conrad anyone?
Roger Arsenault
This guide sucks
Donny Williams
Shire is pronounced shy-er (like lord of the rings) when it is written alone.
When it is used as a suffix, then it's pronounced sher.. like New Hampshire, Yorkshire, Oxfordshire, Hellshire!!!!
zack worrell
this guide sucks hard
Where can i talk to you? its video related
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In love with Blue Lagoon Introducing Jamaica 8 months ago   16:23

The blue lagoon was something to behold, I really enjoyed Portland, what a beautiful parish full or good natured characters and natural sights.

Capt. Danny: (876) 467-4834
Rafting cost: $3500-$6000 JMD (Shop around)



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